‘1883’ Episode 10 [Season Finale] Recap and Ending Explained

1883 Season 1 Finale Recap

In the first season finale of ‘1883,’ the caravan’s journey comes to an end. The Duttons arrive at their final destination, bringing the thrilling season to a close.

The price they pay for the place they eventually settle down in, on the other hand, will influence the family’s ideology for decades.

Meanwhile, the other waggon camp members must make critical decisions that will bring them to their respective destinations.

The fates of fan favourites like Elsa, Shea, and Thomas, among others, must naturally pique the interest of viewers.

Here’s everything that happened in ‘1883’ episode 10 if you’re seeking for a full overview of the finale’s events and ending!


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1883 Finale Recap

Recap of ‘1883’ Episode 10 (Season Finale)

‘This Is Not Your Heaven’ is the title of episode 10 of ‘1883.’ The caravan arrives at Fort Caspar in the first scene. Elsa passes out and is transported to the doctor at the camp.

An army man working as a medical aid at the camp, however, reveals that he is unable to treat Elsa.

Furthermore, because the virus is spreading, she is unable to travel to another camp. Elsa is running out of time, and even if she is treated, her odds of survival are slim.

Shea recognises the Major and other locals as members of the Wyoming Stock Association, whose members Shea and the others were executed for stealing horses.

As a result, while his daughter is still alive, James resolves to select a resting place for her so that his family can make it their home.

After the immigrants refuse to follow Shea and James because they do not wish to live in Montana, the rest of the caravan disbands.


The immigrants, with the exception of Risa and Josef, leave the caravan. Wade and Colton are relieved of their responsibilities by Shea, and the two ride off into the sunset.

James, Shea, Thomas, Margaret, John, Elsa, Noemi, Josef, and Risa are still on their way to Montana. They meet a group of Native Americans led by Spotted Eagle along the way.

While Spotted Eagle speaks with James, the Native Americans assist Elsa in easing the agony of her wounds. He sends James to the Paradise Valley, saying that he would be able to locate land there to bury his daughter.

However, the location is far away, and getting there by waggon will take a week. As a result, James decides to go horseback riding with Elsa to find her a suitable resting location on the farm. James departs with Elsa after an emotional goodbye with Margaret.

Before fate intervenes and the inevitable occurs, the father and daughter have one last heart to heart.

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1883 Episode 10 Recap

Is Elsa Dead in the 1883 Finale? What Are the Duttons’ Final Decisions?

In the concluding moments of the episode, James and Elsa spend time beside a tree. With his daughter, James recounts his earliest memory of existence. Elsa also recounts her first recollection before dozing off.

Elsa ultimately accepts her fate and dies in James’ arms as she wakes up. Elsa’s death lays the groundwork for the Yellowstone Ranch, which would eventually become the Duttons’ empire.

It also reveals that the Duttons settle down in Paradise Valley and make it their permanent residence. For the time being, James accepts the loss of his daughter.

1883 Finale Ending

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In the end, Elsa uses a voice-over to tell the conclusion of her adventure. She explains that when she dies, her memories and dreams come together to create heaven for her.

Sam is shown waiting for Elsa in the final scene. When Elsa comes, the two engage in another race, which serves as a flashback to their previous encounter.

The sight suggests that Elsa has found peace in the afterlife. Instead of riding into the sunset, as is customary in cowboy romances, Elsa and her love ride into broad daylight.

Elsa comments that death is also lovely in the closing scene, demonstrating that death could not break Elsa’s unwavering spirit for loving the beauty of her surroundings. As a result, Elsa’s journey completes itself, and the season comes to a satisfying conclusion.

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What Happens to Shea and Thomas

What is Going to Happen to Shea and Thomas? What Happens When Immigrants Arrive?

In the first episode of the series, Shea and Thomas set out on a mission to guide the immigrants to Oregon. Over the course of the season, Shea’s terrible history and Thomas’ search for a sense of belonging define their character journeys.

The tough cowboys manage the road’s hazards, but as the immigrants part ways, the two are left to make their own decisions about their future. While they stay with the Duttons until James leaves with Elsa, the fates are revealed in the epilogue scene, which takes place a year after Elsa’s death.

With Noemi and her children, Thomas travels to Oregon. They appear to be a happy family who is getting ready to live in the state.

1883 Finale Ending Explained

Shea also goes to the beach to fulfil a commitment he made to himself, so paying tribute to his late wife’s memories. Shea shoots himself after spending a calm evening by the ocean and witnessing a bird that reminds him of Elsa.

Shea’s adventure has come to an end. The only hope remains that he will be reunited with his family in the afterlife.

Finally, after parting ways with the caravan, the immigrants run across the horse thieves and are murdered in the skirmish.

1883 carvan

Without the cowboys, they have no method of protecting themselves, and their decision to quit the gang proves to be a catastrophic error. Only Josef makes it to Oregon among the emigrants, but his wife, Risa, dies on the way.

He loses a leg as a result of the snakebite, emphasising the high price the Pioneers paid to reach the Virgin Frontier.