In 1883, What Route Had Been Taken by Duttons?

1883 Episode 9 Recap

1883‘ is a brutal Western drama series that takes place before the events of ‘Yellowstone.’ While viewers of the latter show are familiar with the Dutton family’s dynasty that is the Yellowstone Ranch, the prequel tells the storey of how it came to be.

In ‘1883,’ James Dillard Dutton, a first-generation Dutton rancher, and his family, which includes wife Margaret and children Elsa and John, travel across the Great Plains in quest of a place to call home.

The Duttons’ journey north is fraught with risks and challenges. Here’s everything you need to know about the Duttons’ itinerary and how it leads to their ultimate destination, the area that would later become the Yellowstone Ranch.

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Duttons route map in 1883
The Duttons’ Route in 1883 on a Map

James Dillard Dutton lands in Fort Worth, Texas in the first episode of ‘1883.’ Later, his family meets him in town, where they have their first terrifying event, which will be the first of many in the days ahead.

James wants to relocate his family away from the destitute and outlaw streets of Texas. As a result, he joins Shea Brennan, a former Civil War veteran and Pinkerton agent who is leading a party of emigrants over the Great Plains on the Oregon Trail.

The Duttons are originally from Tennessee, we learn later.

The Duttons left Fort Worth and set up camp on the banks of the Trinity River in Texas with Shea’s caravan. The party progressively progresses north along the river basin across Texas in the following episodes.

In the fourth episode, they cross the river, and the caravan suffers countless casualties as a result.

In the sixth episode, the Duttons continue their journey from the eastern border of Texas to Doan’s Crossing. On the banks of the Red River, Doan’s Crossing is a small town on the Texas-Oklahoma border.

The Duttons and their companions make their way across the Red River and into Texas. They walk through a Comanche-controlled Native American region in the eighth episode.

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This area of land lies between Colorado and Texas and is currently part of Oklahoma. As they cross through Colorado, the party survives a storm and a run-in with the bandits, with Shea advising the immigrants to settle in Denver.

James, on the other hand, decides to take the group all the way to Oregon. The caravan and the Duttons are near to crossing Colorado and reaching Wyoming by the eighth episode.

They are up against the Lakota, a Native American tribe with a long history in the state. The company is on their way to Fort Caspar, a military installation in Wyoming, indicating that they have arrived in (or are close) Wyoming and are nearing the end of their voyage.

Despite the fact that Montana is to the north of Wyoming, the group’s end objective is still Oregon. With Elsa’s recent accident, it appears that the Duttons’ strategy will be altered.

Elsa is on the verge of passing away, and James determines to locate land on which the family can bury her.

He also pledges that the land will become the family’s new home. As a result, all clues point to Elsa’s death, which prompted the Duttons to relocate to Montana.

oregon trail

The Duttons set out to follow the Oregon Trail, but they wind up taking a few detours that take them on a different path.

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