In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11, Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together?

Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together in The Walking Dead Season 11

In season 10 of AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama ‘The Walking Dead,’ Daryl Dixon meets the mysterious Leah Shaw, whose pet dog, Dog, develops feelings for him.

They begin to run into each other in the woods on a regular basis, eventually settling in together. While battling the horrors that lurk in the woods, they spellbind one other with love.

Daryl’s decision to leave Leah for other reasons, though, puts an end to their romance. In season 11, Daryl and Leah cross paths again, and it has a significant impact on both of their lives.

One must question if Leah and Daryl will end up together, given that they are still nurturing affections for each other. Let’s see what we can find out!


Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together

Is it Possible that Leah and Daryl will End Up Together in the Next Episodes?

Like no other couple, Leah and Daryl have a special connection. Even knowing Leah’s name makes Daryl sweat the first few times they meet.

On the other hand, the latter routinely leaves Leah to look for Rick. Daryl decides to continue his search, leaving his lover, and their relationship comes to an abrupt end.

Daryl lies to Leah about his plans to join the Reapers and Meridian in Season 11. They have affections for one other, even if they don’t express them directly.

Leah feels misled once more when Daryl finally admits his actual intents and discloses information about Maggie and others.

She fights her feelings for Daryl and orders her soldiers to catch the enemy who has infiltrated Meridian, including her ex-boyfriend.

Daryl’s lie, which is unavoidable for Alexandria’s survival, jeopardises his chances of reconciling with Leah. “I believe it [Daryl’s deception] nearly wrecks them.” […] I think she still loves him [Leah], but he’s deceived her on various levels, multiple times now. As a result, she must make a unique decision. “She can’t pick him,” Leah’s actress Lynn Collins told AMC.

Daryl’s unavoidable betrayal may put an end to any hope of a reunion with Leah, at least for the time being.

Because he is responsible for the Reapers’ demise and the deaths of some Reapers that Leah considered family, she may be able to control her emotions and wreak vengeance on him.

The actions of Leah and Daryl may also make them realise that they can only put their family and survival first, rather than a reunion and relationship. Daryl’s new career path as a Commonwealth soldier may keep him away from Leah as well.

Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together in Next Episodes

After being shot by Maggie, Leah may decide to devote her time and efforts to either rebuilding the Reapers or finding a new path for herself and the other Reapers. Leah may run into Daryl again after conceptualising a new course for her life.

Her rage may find her former lover and challenge him in his new life, even if it means murdering her unresolved affections for him. We could see Leah and Daryl grappling with conflicting feelings about one other, as the former devises a plot to exact revenge on the latter.

These considerations and possibilities, however, do not rule out the possibility of Leah and Daryl being together.

If Leah can move past “the betrayals” by understanding Daryl’s stance, they might be able to reconcile. “I believe there is genuine affection there.” They [Leah and Daryl] genuinely cared for each other. Collins told Insider in October 2021, “She loves him, even though he’s betrayed her three times.”

In the remaining episodes of the drama, we can hope that Leah and Daryl will work out their disagreements and misunderstandings and end up together.

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