How Did Bubba Wallace Jr.’s Cousin Sean Gillispie Die?

How Did Bubba Wallace Jr.’s Cousin Sean Gillispie Die

How Did Bubba Wallace Jr.’s Cousin Sean Gillispie Die? – Watchers of Netflix’s documentary “Race: Bubba Wallace” will undoubtedly hear about the talented driver’s NASCAR achievements and how he developed into his position as an unlikely but crucial voice against racial injustice. But Bubba’s perspective was also influenced by his cousin Sean Gillispie’s passing when he was just nine years old. Bubba, his mother, and his sister all discuss how Sean’s unexpected death affected their lives in the docuseries. Therefore, we can answer your question about what happened to the young man.

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Sean Gillispie’s Cause of Death

Sean Gillispie was hanging out in the convenience store’s parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee, early on May 18, 2003, with a few buddies. According to the show, the 19-year-old was playing loud music in the parking lot after leaving a club. Two officers responded to the call from the authorities after the store clerk complained about the commotion outside.

The parking area was packed with cars when the officers arrived. This compelled them to enter on foot and demand that each automobile leave individually. Frank Mitchell was driving the automobile then, and Sean was sitting in the backseat. Derek, Frank’s cousin, had arrived in the same automobile but was in another car nearby when the event happened. The subsequent series of events led to controversy, but Sean was ultimately killed by one of the officers who shot him in the chest.

Who was Sean Gillispie’s killer?

David Ogle and Jason Keck, two cops, responded to the noise report. According to David’s later account, the automobile where Frank and Sean were riding had its windows partially down, and loud music was playing. He then proceeded to the side of the car and requested Frank’s registration and licence. At this point, Sean’s hand rested on a revolver that David claimed to have seen next to him in the backseat.

David instantly ordered Sean to put his hands up and drop the gun. Jason, who was at the time at the front of the car, was made aware of this. Jason ordered Frank to raise his hands as David circled the automobile to get the weapon away from Sean. Jason said Sean was moving his hands and later placed them up, turning toward him while brandishing a 9mm while freely admitting he had no idea where the gun was located inside the car. Jason claimed he shot Sean in the chest because he feared for his life at this moment. Later, the injured teen fled from the vehicle. Later, Derek, who had gone to help Sean, testified that he had noticed his friend holding a phone.

Tanya Gillispie, Sean’s mother, sued the city of Knoxville for wrongful death in May 2004 and claimed negligence. Sean’s relatives said that he was merely attempting to get to his phone so he could make a call. The judge ultimately decided in favour of the city, noting that there was no evidence to contradict Jason’s statement and that his use of lethal force was appropriate. When the police slew a black person, Bubba’s mother, Desiree, described how the family had to experience anguish every time. This was all too true, given the events of 2020.

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