1883 Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained

1883 Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained

In episode 7 of ‘1883,’ the waggon camp embarks on a new adventure in a place that is still unfamiliar to them.

On their way to the Great Plains, the immigrants and cowboys plan their course through Native American land. However, just as things are beginning to look up for the caravan, they are confronted with a terrible storm.

As the situation worsens, viewers wonder if the gang will be able to continue on their trek at all.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘1883’ episode 7 if you’re curious about how the caravan survives the natural disaster!


1883 Episode 7 Recap

Recap of Episode 7 of 1883

The caravan is followed in the 7th episode, ‘Lightning Yellow Hair,’ as they travel outside of Texas and through Native American territory (present-day Oklahoma).

After Shea and James struck a deal with the Comanche warriors in charge of the territory, the wagoners set up camp in the area.

The group will pay a “tax” for permission to camp and transit through the area, according to the agreement. Cookie makes meals, but Margaret chastises her for using vulgar words.

Elsa encounters Sam, a Comanche warrior, at lunch. He tells Elsa about his wife’s death, which she can relate to because she had lost her partner, Ennis.

Elsa’s horse, Lightning, is discussed by Sam and Elsa. Elsa accepts Sam’s challenge to horse racing, and the young Dutton agrees. Elsa demonstrates her abilities by defeating Sam and earning his respect as a result. As a prize for her victory, Sam gives Elsa a knife.

Shea and Thomas later discover that they are about to be hit by a storm. Shea decides to hold the group back until the next morning because there isn’t enough time to reverse course.

However, when the waggon camp reaches the road, the storm begins to approach them. It quickly transforms into a tornado, forcing the campers to abandon their horses, waggons, livestock, and provisions in order to save their lives.

The rest of the group is separated from Elsa, Wade, and Colton. Sam shelters Elsa during the storm, and Elsa kisses him.

The crew begins salvaging anything they can from the ruins when the storm passes. Cookie informs Shea that their animals have been picked up by a gang of robbers.

Shea plans to battle the robbers and reclaim the animals in the end.

Does the Group Get Its Cattle Back

Is The Group Able To Reclaim Its Cattle in 1883 Episode 7?

The party survives the tornado near the end of the episode, but they lose everything they need to make the trek. They must abandon their carts, which have been devastated by the tornado.

The group frees the cattle and horses, but they lose their food and transportation as a result. With only a few waggons and a few horses, it appears that the caravan will be unable to continue their voyage without nourishment.

However, cookie informs Shea that the cattle have been collected up by a group of thieves a few miles north, giving the group a ray of hope.

James and Thomas are informed about the cattle by Shea. They decide to return with the cattle, and Elsa is coerced into joining the group.

1883 Episode 7

However, despite the fact that the quartet was anticipating only six bandits, they arrive to find that the odds are stacked against them.

They notice that the animals are being guarded by roughly thirteen men, who rush quickly to assault the four-horse riders.

As Elsa flees, gunfire begins, and Thomas, Shea, and James are forced to fight back. The three men battle courageously against the bandits, but they are outmanned. It appears that a handful of the bandits will catch up to Elsa, but Sam and his companion arrive just in time to murder them.

Charles “Charlie” Goodnight, a seasoned cowboy and an old friend of Shea’s, assists Shea’s team. The cowboys make quick work of the robbers and recapture their cattle now that the playing field has been levelled.

Shea, Thomas, and James are all unharmed after the gunfight. However, one must ask if the group has exhausted all of their good fortunes.

Nonetheless, it appears as the caravan will continue on its way to Oregon after all. The episode’s conclusion emphasises that the group would face more dangerous scenarios on the road ahead.