“A Storm for Christmas” Recap and Ending Explained

A Storm for Christmas season 1 ending explained

“A Storm for Christmas” Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained – A Storm for Christmas” is a six-episode dramedy that is currently available on Netflix. It is set in the Oslo airport, where the first word in the title cancels all flights and may cause all passengers to miss the second noun. Although we’re only evaluating the first episode, creator and frequent Netflix contractee Per-Olav Sornesen (The Playlist, Quicksand) places a large cast of characters in light-to-medium-to-heavyweight situations, and it suggests being one of those multiple-intersecting-storyline narratives like love-it-or-hate-it perennially debated quasi-classic movie Love Actually. Nevertheless, it’s a TV show. Norwegian as well. And over three hours in length. So comparable—yet so different, in a way.

As we approach A Storm for Christmas‘ conclusion, there are several narrative aspects, so let’s discuss the most important ones.

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A Storm for Christmas season 1 Episode 6 Recap

“A Storm for Christmas” Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

A Storm for Christmas’ sixth episode opens with word that the weather has improved and that additional flights have been scheduled. Mary phones Arthur and is thrilled to tell him that a video of him playing the piano was taken and is currently going viral on social media. It received many views after being published by the account of pop artist Ida. His Troms performance is currently sold out. Arthur beams.

Diana, who is only now waking up, and Olav each get a cup of coffee. He invites her to accompany him when he says he’s heading to his parent’s house. It is located in northern Paris. While visiting Marius in the hospital, the young woman from the bar drops a wrapped gift beside his bedside.

Frank informs her that the flights have resumed, the Swedish woman is awakened in the shelter. When she receives a call, she learns that the airport will send her wallet. She chooses to stay a little longer despite Frank’s assumption that she will board the following flight. They converse and ask each other questions to learn more about one another. Frank has two adult children and is divorced. He recently met someone, and they are content together. She is an attorney. She enjoys living without a husband or children. Never having met her parents. Frank responds that his son had resided in the shelter but that he wasn’t there for him during those years when she wonders why he visits. He’s now making up for it.

Lukas says he liked the music Arthur played. Then he advises his mum not to worry too much about him or his eye surgery. Just as long as she’s content, Lukas will be as well. Maria is motivated by him and calls Lukas’s father. She requests money from him on behalf of their son because Maria is fed up with always having to work and never getting to see Lukas. Ida and Ingvild discuss her song lyrics. According to Ingvild, she began writing a year ago. Ingvild felt that Ida was placed on hold when she revealed her sexual orientation to her parents. Ingvild intended to assist her with the lyrics but never got around to doing so. Ida informs Ingvild that she has been sacked as they prepare to board their newly planned flight.

Maria beams when she sees the money message on her phone. They will celebrate Christmas in Norway, and she promises Lukas. Stine informs the woman that her boyfriend will take her up, but she doesn’t appear to be pleased. She inquires as to why. When she has her money back, the Swedish woman orders an Uber to the airport. She bids Frank a happy holiday and then departs. Frank receives word that the woman’s legal team has transferred 800,000 KR to the shelter.

Kaja’s parents concur with having fewer arguments. They tell her that they also made a vow to Santa. Her mother apologizes to Kaja’s father before Kaja leaves to purchase at a store. She begins by expressing her frustration and disappointment but falters because she is unsure of how to continue. She presents him with a Pétanque game set for Christmas. He rejects her suggestion of couples counseling because he thinks therapists always support women. They dispute once again while declaring their love for one another.

The woman who is hosting Stine can’t stop giggling after hearing her account of the two men. She exhorts Stine to quit acting like a victim, takes responsibility for her actions, and be honest with her lover. She confesses to her lover about having several affairs when he comes to pick her up, but she begs him to give their relationship another shot. She returns to the older woman’s home when he breaks things off with her.

Ida uses the phone to discuss switching Ingvild’s position from assistant to songwriter. Alex accepts the bun that Kaja has brought for him. She admits to him that she doesn’t truly anticipate her parents’ argument to end. She writes down his phone number to contact him if they dispute.

When Marius opens his eyes, the bargirl is sitting next to him. She claims to have something for her father. He addresses her as Sara after realizing she is his daughter. They both acknowledge looking for one another. He says he might go jogging tomorrow if she hands him the running shoes. When he asks if the storm is over, she responds in the affirmative, using the new name “Papa” for him.

David and Ronja meet at the pub. She regrets ignoring Marius the day before and concentrating entirely on herself. To enjoy Málaga with his wife, she advises David. Lasso, the dog is picked up by a woman and taken to the kennel when she arrives. Henrik reluctantly gives up Lasso. 

Ronja overhears a call asking David to board the flight to Malaga. She returns to see him. He acknowledges that his wife passed away six years ago, just before their trip to Malaga. Ever since he purchases a ticket and travels to the airport just before Christmas, when they get to Kine, Ronja wonders if there is a subsequent flight to Malaga. After hearing that there is, Ronja advises Kine to purchase a separate ticket for herself. If David doesn’t mind, she says she wants to go with him. She claims to be afraid, but the higher beings claim that the two of them “need a fuck.”

On their way home, Henrik and Thea are traveling by train. They talk about their late night and their supper plans. Olav holds Diana’s head on his shoulder as they go to Troms. Arthur, Lukas, and Maria are traveling together. Maria thanks him for the concert tickets, and Arthur thanks them for coming along. Lukas receives a Christmas gift from Arthur. Thea exits the train and bids, Henrik, a happy holiday.

Ida and Ingvild are now collaborating on new music in the VIP lounge and are getting along well. Ida runs into the Swedish woman while going to fetch a drink for herself. A spark appears between them. The Swedish woman claims to adore Ida’s work. They each get a glass of wine and clink them while keeping their gazes fixed on one another. Bobbie is the name the Swedish woman gives herself.

After finishing his duty, Alex receives a call from Kaja. Lukas uses headphones and a portable keyboard that Arthur gave him to ink. In the hospital, Sara is holding her father’s hand. Stine dances with the older woman after letting go of her inhibitions. Lasso leaps out of Henrik’s backpack when it is opened.

It is revealed that Thea is Frank’s girlfriend. David and Ronja drive the airport buggies to the flight’s gate. In Troms, Olav and Diana share a kiss while the northern lights shine. Now deserted, Alex strolls across the airport.

A Storm for Christmas ending explained

“A Storm for Christmas” Season 1 Ending Explained

Sara visits her father in the medical facility. She admits that she is his daughter. They had a chance to reconnect at the airport, and they now have time to do so. For so long, they have been looking for one another. The father makes emotional jokes about going for a run despite his condition. The storm has passed, Sara informs her father. The show is a sweet reminder that it’s never too late to reunite with loved ones, despite the distressing circumstances for her father.

The truth regarding David’s travel arrangements is that he visits the airport each year to purchase a ticket, which he tells Ronja about. He lost his wife six years ago. Knowing he missed his ticket, Ronja arranges for a flight to Málaga for both of them. Ronja informs David that they both need to f**k.

Maria and Lukas are seated next to Arthur on a flight; Arthur gives them tickets as gifts. At the airport bar, Bobbie and Ida run into one other and feel strongly attracted to one another. Lightning is flying. Olav and Diana exchange kisses after A Storm for Christmas. After all, it is the most delightful season of the year.

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