“Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery” Ending Explained: Who was the Real Killer?

Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery’ Ending, Explained

“Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery” Ending Explained – Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery” On December 15, 2022, it made its Netflix debut, starring Maya Rudolph, Jason Bateman, Pete Davidson, and the recognizable Terry Seattle (Will Arnett).

The ridiculously ludicrous execution of the hauntingly humorous twist on a holiday whodunit, which has been the trademark of the original Murderville program, was excellent.

This holiday special, like Murderville, was an unscripted journey for famous guests, leading to numerous amusing situations and some incredibly perplexing ones. Pete Davidson made an appearance in the movie’s closing seconds when Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman were still trying to identify the murderer after spending more than half the movie investigating.

Continue reading to learn what transpired at the conclusion of “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery.”

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Who Killed Santa A Murderville Murder Mystery Plot Story

“Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery” Plot Story

Jason Bateman served as the star trainee in the first episode of “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery”. In charge of things is Terry Seattle (Will Arnett), who murders the surrounding suspects. However, it appears that the offence committed this time was more profane. Famous quarterback Johnny Blaze (played by Sean Hayes) was murdered because he planned to dress up as Santa Claus and give gifts to orphans as part of a city hall initiative. Terry is told by Mayor Palmer that this time, in addition to having to find the murderer, he also has to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

The format of Powered by “Who Killed Santa?” is similar to its first part, in which the guests aren’t given scripts and must improvise their way through. Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph are the two visitors who join the cast for homicide training. The first season of “Murderville” revealed that Terry Seattle is quite picky about claiming sole credit for cracking the crimes. He wants to be sure that everyone, even the trainees, knows who is in authority.

The legendary detective’s authority was undercut the last time by a large number of homicide trainees, but this time Seattle was careful about it from the start. As a result, Maya Rudolph joins Seattle after a while, while Jason Bateman joins the group right away. We all know Seattle doesn’t like Christmas, so his boss and ex-wife, Rhonda Jenkins Seattle, calls him and asks him to solve the case because no one else is available over the holidays.

Even though Seattle might not have enjoyed celebrating Christmas, he still didn’t enjoy working on days off. When Rhonda called him, he was enjoying a relaxing December evening and getting ready to pop in a VHS and watch a movie. However, Seattle was quite specific about how he wanted to spend his “me time,” as evidenced by the fact that the VHS he was about to play only contained the “awesome bits” of the movie Die Hard.

Who Killed Johnny Blaze

Who Killed Johnny Blaze? Who Were The Suspects?

Before briefing him on his position and the duties of his trainee, Seattle asked Bateman a variety of questions. Seattle was always interested in the backgrounds of new hires and whether they had any nefarious plans to replace him. Former student Marshawn Lynch stunned Jason Bateman during the threat assessment by entering the room brandishing a chainsaw. Seattle informed Bateman that in order to be a good investigator like him, he had to think creatively and not rule out any possibilities. Bateman had not anticipated the surprise attack.

When Marshawn Lynch spotted the Ozark star, he had a fanboy moment, but Seattle wasn’t concerned about the menial acting roles he had done in the past because, in Murderville, there was only one star: Supercop Terry Seattle. Seattle assigned Jason to fill Mayor Palmer’s need for an elf by Christmas. Angie, who was preparing the gifts that would eventually be handed to the orphaned children, was waiting for them at City Hall. It appeared like Angie was proficient at gift packaging and was working quickly.

Terry wanted to retain the noise-cancelling headphones for himself, but Angie was watching the gifts so carefully that he was unable to do so. Jason Bateman was approached by Mayor Jennifer Palmer, who inquired about his former experience as a Santa’s elf. Mayor Palmer hoped that Jason handled his duties effectively since she didn’t want any hiccups in the charity program.

Mayor Palmer didn’t want any negative publicity, but she had no idea what disaster awaited her. During those brief moments when the lights were off, city hall was in complete disarray. When the lights came back on, Johnny Blaze—who had been dressed as Santa Claus for the evening—was found laying on the ground, having been stabbed in the chest by a candy cane. The gifts had to be delivered by Christmas morning, so Terry and his team had precisely seven hours and fourteen minutes to discover the murderer.

There was no time to waste because the children had already arrived at the city hall grounds. Angie had a panic episode and wanted to be near her pet cat Mr. Whiskers before Terry and Jason had even begun questioning the suspect. In order to calm Angie down, Jason intervened on her behalf and pretended to be Mr. Whiskers. The candy had a peppermint flavour, and whoever sharpened it did so by sucking it, according to forensics specialist Amber Kang, who arrived on the scene. They also discovered a name tag in Johnny Blaze’s palm. Despite the smudged name on the tag, they were sure that it belonged to the murderer.

Jim Trentley, a sportscaster for Channel 5, was the first suspect Jason and Terry questioned. Jim was Johnny’s golfing partner and had known him for 15 years. Jim owed Johnny $9,000,000 because he had consistently fallen short in his contests with the quarterback. Jim had recently undergone a divorce and was now dating a woman who, according to him, had a pair of magical hands. Following Terry and Jason interrogating Jim Trentley, Maya Rudolf joined the team.

They then went to Johnny’s personal aide Mia Briggs. Terry instructed Jason and Maya to play “good cop, bad cop” because he was curious about what Mia was trying to conceal. Mia wouldn’t reveal anything because she had signed an NDA, which is why. Terry and his students had discovered that the murderer also had a partner who was skulking around.

Dona Focaccia, the third and last suspect, was questioned. She had partnered with Johnny to create a restaurant with a sports-related theme, but their plans fell through due to a disagreement. In order to obtain some information from Dona, Maya went to the VIP lounge inside the City Hall while Jason pretended to be her manager. Terry made the decision to skulk inside the air vents and instruct his two trainees on the questions they should be asking.

Dona complained about her mint julep and declared her hatred for Johnny Blaze. She taught him everything he needed to know about the restaurant industry as they worked together to create a barbecue joint. Johnny betrayed her and created his own business using the information. Now that the investigation was over, all Terry and his team needed to do was evaluate the data they had obtained to identify the murderer.

Who Killed Santa A Murderville Murder Mystery’ Ending

‘Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery’ Ending Explained

Mayor Palmer lacked sufficient faith in Terry and his group. She, therefore, requested the assistance of a different person who could aid in the investigation. Pete Davidson, who was asked to make a killer guess despite having no prior knowledge of the case (yeah, that caught us off guard). Terry examined the evidence and discovered that Jim Trentley, who had slain the hall-of-fame quarterback because he didn’t want to pay back the nine million dollars he owed, was the real killer. Angie, his lady love, helped him out by feigning to get repeated panic attacks throughout the investigation to waste Terry and his team’s time.

Who murdered Santa? The orphans received their gifts, and more importantly, Terry was allowed to receive his noise-canceling headphones even though the gift was intended for another orphan with the same name. “A Murderville Murder Mystery” came to a joyful conclusion. The funniest part of a silly parody like “Who Killed Santa? The level of enjoyment did the actors experience during A Murderville Murder Mystery? The guests are free to say whatever they want and steer the story in whatever direction they like because it is unscripted.

It was clear that Jason Bateman, Maya Rudolph, and Pete Davidson were having a great time because they frequently broke character and cracked up in the middle of sequences. This time, Will Arnett struggled mightily to keep the script moving in a predetermined route as the other two guests did all their power to derail him. With this impromptu dialogue, “Murdeville” delightfully amuses you during the holiday season. It would be intriguing to see what the Murderville franchise comes up with next because the program has a fantastic concept.

You can now watch “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery” on Netflix.

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