Unsolved Case of Adrienne Salinas’ Death: Who Killed Her and Why?

Adrienne Salinas’ Death

Adrienne Salinas’ Death: How Did Adrienne Salinas Die? Who Killed Adrienne Salinas? – When Adrienne Celeste Salinas vanished following a celebration on June 15, 2013, early in the morning, she was a 19-year-old student at Maricopa County’s GateWay Community College. Her remains were discovered in a desert wash close to Apache Junction, Arizona, on August 6, 2013, about two months later.

People Magazine Investigates: Darkness In The Desert‘ episode on Investigation Discovery describes the circumstances surrounding Adrienne Salinas’ mysterious death and what the police learned in the days that followed. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this case, keep reading the full article below.

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Adrienne Salinas' Cause of Death

Adrienne Salinas’ Cause of Death

Adrienne Salinas’ birth and upbringing were in Arizona, and she was close to her brother and father. The 19-year-old lived in Tempe, Arizona, with two roommates at the time of the incident and frequently travelled with her family. She attended a local community college while pursuing her dream of enrolling at Arizona State University. Adrienne was characterized as a conscientious and driven young woman, and according to her loved ones, she desired to become a journalist.

Adrienne’s father, Rick Salinas, had planned to celebrate Father’s Day with her on June 16, 2013, but Adrienne failed to come. She went missing, and a frightened Rick called the police. Her car was discovered on June 17, 2013, with two flat tyres after a long search. Adrienne’s mummified remains were discovered in a wash in the Apache Junction region of Arizona on August 6, 2013, around two months later.

The identification was verified through a DNA test, but the manner and cause of death were unknown. Her hands or head were curiously not included in the autopsy report, but the authorities have declined to provide more information.

Adrienne Salinas

Who killed Adrienne Salinas and Why?

The authorities needed to know what transpired before Adrienne vanished in order to investigate the case properly. On the evening of June 14, 2013, Adrienne and her roommates had a gathering that included Francisco Arteaga, her boyfriend. Later, roommates revealed that Francisco and Adrienne had gotten into a fight when the latter showed interest in other women. On June 15, 2013, at about 2:30 am, they departed the celebration. Francisco later said that Adrienne abruptly exited the vehicle and drove off.

Adrienne’s roommates said they saw her at home sometime before four in the morning. She was drunk, yet she drove off shortly after in her car. According to a call to the authorities, the neighborhood parkway had seen a single-vehicle crash at around 3:45 in the morning. A few blocks from her place, the driver attempted to forcefully drive the car with flat tyres before getting out and leaving it. Adrienne was thought to be the driver by the authorities.

After that, according to the police’s theory, the 19-year-old went back home. Between 4:10 and 4:45 am, according to phone records, Adrienne contacted Francisco many times and texted him to say she was coming over. Then, at roughly 4:53 in the morning, Adrienne spoke with a cab driver and agreed to meet him at a nearby convenience store. She, however, never appeared there. Adrienne’s phone was turned off a short while later, at about 5:07 a.m.

Adrienne’s body was found in this Wash.

The authorities later discovered a BlackBerry phone and a notebook in Adrienne’s car. But they discovered the next day that the car had not been seized. The phone was nowhere to be found, but the notebook was with Adrienne’s mother. The driver was identified as Tom Simon Jr. by the police after they contacted the taxi service that Adrienne had hired that evening. His actions were the subject of a few disturbing allegations; one woman claimed he had even taken a hacksaw out of his trunk.

Another incident was a tip of a screaming woman in Tom’s flat. He hasn’t been designated a suspect, but there is no proof linking him to Adrienne’s passing. The police also investigated Bryan Patrick Miller as a possible suspect. He had previously been charged with the deaths of two other victims, both of whom were discovered in the early 1990s. According to reports, he worked near to where the body was discovered and had gone to a party about a mile from Adrienne’s home at that time.

The police said they didn’t see any overt indications of wrongdoing in the case and didn’t initially label it as a homicide. However, it was essential to consider the fact that Adrienne’s body was discovered in a wash. No DNA evidence connected Tom and Bryan to the murder, and Francisco was also disqualified as a suspect. Since the crime hasn’t been solved yet, the police have kept searching for any new information that would help them move the investigation forward.

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