Where is Kevin Dunlap’s Survivor Kristy Frensley Today?

Where Is Kristy Frensley Today

Where is Kevin Dunlap’s Survivor Kristy Frensley Now? – On October 15, 2008, a man approached Kristy Frensley while working in her yard. The man asked if she would show him her house after noticing it was up for sale. After they entered the house, Kevin brought her to her bedroom, zip-tied her hands and ankles, and put a gun to her head. All three kids were pushed into the bedroom by Kevin, who then bound them.

The mother, Kristy Frensley, was raped, stabbed, and left for dead, while her three children, aged 5 to 17, were killed by stabbings. The attacker then started a fire throughout the Frensley home, trapping Kristy and the kids inside. Kristy managed to live thanks to her foresight, but all of her kids had died.

An ex-soldier called Kevin Dunlap was apprehended, tried, and given the death penalty for the horrible atrocities, bringing an end to the horrific incident. To help viewers understand the gravity and heinousness of the crime, the Investigation Discovery episode Evil Lives Here: We Looked Happy” delves deeply into the case and chronologically arranges all the events and data. If you would like to learn more about the case and are interested in knowing Christie’s current whereabouts, keep reading below.

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Where is Survivor Kristy Frensley Now

Who Is Kristy Frensley and What Happened With Her?

Just under a mile from the Fort Campbell military post in southeast Trigg County, Kentucky, Kristy Frensley resided at 169 Military Road with her three children, Ethan Frensley, 5, Kortney McBurney-Frensley, 14, and Kayla Williams, 17. She was working in her yard on October 15, 2008, when a man wearing a DirecTV t-shirt came over to her. Kristy claimed that she had previously encountered him when he had visited her house a week or two before the event to seek directions. The guy, Kevin Dunlap, even asked Kristy whether her house was for sale.

Kevin Dunlap, armed with a black handgun and white plastic cable ties, grabbed Kristy as she showed him about the house, put a gun to her head, brought her to her bedroom, and zip-tied her hands and ankles. According to Kristy, Dunlap enquired after the names of her kids and the time they got home from school.

He pushed the kids into another bedroom when they got there. He shifted them to another area of the home, gagged them with pantyhose, and tied Kayla, Kortney, and Ethan with zip ties. Then Kevin Dunlap returned and raped Kristy. He tried to kill her by strangling her, then suffocating her with a pillow after washing her and setting her on her bed.

After both approaches fell short, he attempted to cut her neck with a butter knife. Dunlap was so vicious that the knife’s handle eventually shattered and became stuck in her neck. Examiners would discover lacerations, two knife wounds in her neck, one in her left ear, and four wounds in her back.

Kristy decided to pose as dead because she knew how important it was for her to help her children. Dunlap was fooled by her when she closed her eyes and stopped breathing. He draped a blanket over her partially exposed body, set her bedroom on fire, and then fled quickly.

She attempted to get near Ethan, lying on the hallway floor, but her foot caught fire. Through a French window in the bedroom, she managed to roll to the pool, where one of the sheriff’s deputies later saved her. However, the vicious attack by Dunlap and the resulting fire that destroyed their house was too much for her children to handle.

Dunlap was apprehended three days later due to witness evidence and DNA testing. She claimed that the change in his haircut puzzled her because she could not recognize him in a lineup of six photos the police had shown her. Emergency personnel discovered Kristy alive and took her to Jennie Stuart Medical Center. According to Trooper Dean Patterson, who was speaking about Kristy’s health, it took some time before Kristy was able to speak to us and help us. It took a while for her condition to get well enough for her to be able to speak.

Who Is Kristy Frensley
Kristy Frensley

Where is Kristy Frensley Today?

On October 18, 2008, a Trigg County Grand Jury indicted Kevin on a plethora of crimes, including three counts of tampering with physical evidence, capital kidnapping, and capital murder, as well as one count each of first-degree rape, first-degree burglary, attempted murder, and first-degree arson. Over a month after his guilty plea, Dunlap was given the death penalty on March 19, 2010.

Kristy went to Dunlap’s trial on April 17, 2009, which was held in a Livingston County courtroom. A sheriff’s deputy led her into the court, where she sat around 40 feet from the offender. She reportedly did not speak a single word during the trial, but instead kept her eyes fixed on Dunlap the entire time.

Many of her acquaintances and neighbors were called to the witness stand by the prosecutor. Before the prosecutor showed the jury pictures of the crime scene, Kristy exited the courtroom. She did, however, recount the events of the worst day of her life when she testified against Dunlap in court in February 2010.

According to reports, Kristy relocated to Ohio to live with her family following the horrible occurrence that resulted in the deaths of her children and severe injuries to her. She apparently decided to return to Livingston, Kentucky, in November 2018. She most likely received a Stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis when she was allegedly moving. According to reports, she had a double mastectomy in January 2019. Currently, it appears that Kristy Frensley lives in Kentucky.

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