Who is Erik Curtis From Instant Dream Home? Age, Family, and Background

Instant Dream Home’s Erik Curtis

Who is Erik Curtis From Instant Dream Home? Everything We Know about Erik – In the Netflix reality series “Instant Dream Home,” a crew of quick-thinking renovators take significant risks and devise detailed plans to remodel families’ homes in just 12 hours completely. Anthony B. Sacco is the director, and Tom Forman and George Verschoor are the producers.

In this programme, a crew of contractors makes house visits to deserving people who have contributed to their community and completes a full renovation in a single day. Like the previous restoration programmes, the series’ theme is making a difference. The series consists of 8 episodes, each of which lasts between 41 and 47 minutes.

The team’s efforts are successful because of the families’ emotional reactions after their homes have been completely renovated from top to bottom. The skilled team faces significant risks and time constraints to deliver stunning renovations to deserving homes. Erik Curtis is one team member who gave this project his all in terms of creativity. As a skilled carpenter, his careful design brought out the best in the renovated homes.

Here is what we learned about this brilliant artist, in case you want to learn more!

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Age, Family, and Background of Erik Curtis

Erik, who was born on October 6, 1987, is a member of a large Latvian family that also includes an Aleks Curtis brother and sister. The now-34-year-old is a Philadelphia native who does woodworking or carpentry and instructs others in the skills. Erik earned a B.A. in history and religion from Eastern University before continuing his education at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine to refine his woodworking abilities.

Erik is a private person who withholds information about his family. He exclusively advertises his regular work and art coaching. He does, however, share pictures of himself with his adorable little niece.

Erik Curtis’s Education and Profession

Erik, a self-described “hand-tool purist,” views the art of creating and carving a piece of furniture out of wood as being quite impressive. Erik spent five years working as a professional furniture maker after completing his CFC degree in 2012. In 2017, he then started working as a 3D design and woodworking instructor at Moorestown Friends School.

“Making the world a more beautiful place is my goal as a maker of things, and making the world a better place is my goal as a person,” he stated when explaining why he wanted to mentor young pupils. The first step in achieving that goal is teaching young people to appreciate themselves and their skills.

Erik currently works with a range of clients and continues instructing woodworking skills on websites like YouTube and Instagram. He uploads many kinds of movies on YouTube, including tutorials on making certain furniture, lists of dos and don’ts for woodworkers, and just regular films of him working on different projects. In addition to creating custom items in partnership with other businesses such as Saburrtooth, Home Depot, and TotalBoat, he works with clients on commission.

In addition to his other work, Erik participates in charity auctions and works with many artists to produce unique furniture. In addition, he runs his own website, E N Curtis, where customers may browse all of his handcrafted goods and even make purchases. His later work on Netflix’s “Instant Dream Home” is a testament to his abilities and commitment to sensitively working toward producing items ideal for families with various original creative techniques.

Is Erik Curtis’ Dating? Is Eric Single?

Erik has sadly not disclosed anything about his dating life on any site. Erik is not an introvert, but since he hasn’t acknowledged being in a relationship, it is safe to infer that he is single and primarily interested in honing his woodworking skills. Given his impressive professional success, he may be attempting to expand his career tremendously now that he is a well-known remodelling expert. So, we’d want to wish Erik the best of luck in his work and in everything success and happiness have to offer.

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