Who is Adair Curtis From Instant Dream Home? Age, Family, and Background

Adair Curtis From Instant Dream Home

Adair Curtis From Instant Dream Home: Everything We Know – The best-renovated homes will be given to the most deserving families who require them through Netflix’s reality show Instant Dream Home” service. And what’s fascinating is that they try to complete everything in just 12 straight hours! All of the viewers have been riveted by this intriguing idea and the comprehensive makeover attempt made by a group of extremely skilled and diligent professionals. Every episode of the home improvement program has a heartwarming conclusion that makes the episode even more worth watching. Anthony B. Sacco is the director, and Tom Forman & George Verschoor are the producers of the show.

The expert team’s commitment is commendable, given that the selected families with exemplary community service records receive a completely renovated home. Interior designer Adair Curtis is one such interesting team member; his creative and useful approach to building the nicest homes has won him quite a few followers. If you want to know more about Adair Curtis and his background, keep reading below.

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Adair Curtis’ Family and Background

Age, Family, and Background of Adair Curtis

Adair Curtis has a large, close-knit family and celebrates his birthday on July 21. He was very close to his late mother, Nikki, and had a large family, including the twin sisters, Zulaikah and Zyriah. Adair enjoys touring the world with his family and a large group of extremely close friends to celebrate practically all occasions.

He is close friends with the well-known actress Gabrielle Union outside of his family, and the two have traveled together. Adair studied at New York University, earning a Digital Media Marketing Strategy degree in 2012.

Adair Curtis’  Education and Profession

Adair has put in a lot of effort to get where he is now and is a highly skilled and seasoned professional. After working as a brand manager for Def Jam Enterprises, LLC in New York from 2006 to 2009, he spent time as Rush Communications’ vice president of communications. Adair relocated to Los Angeles after climbing the corporate ladder and taking the general manager position at All Def Music|Awesomeness Music. Eventually, he entered the field of interior design and, in 2014, moved to Los Angeles to co-found and lead JSN Studio.

Since his business gained popularity, particularly among celebrities, Adair has also been on television numerous times. He appeared on an “Access Hollywood” episode and then hosted a program called “Styling Hollywood” where he decorated the homes of various A-list celebrities. He participated in the 2021 film “Black Love,” and has been a guest on the “Today” show over the years.

Adair does a fantastic job in the Netflix series as the interior designer who combines technology and sustainability to create the most exquisitely refurbished homes for families. When preparing their plans, the team must consider every family necessity while keeping in mind that the transformation must be completed in just twelve hours.

Adair Curtis’ Family, Husband and Son

Jason Bolden, a fashion stylist, has been happily married to Adair Curtis since August 2012. In reality, the latter is a co-founder of their design firm, JSN Studio, and the duo collaborates to offer their clients the best house ideas. The duo has also made an appearance together on the show “Styling Hollywood,” where Jason styled several A-listers. Jason mostly works as a celebrity stylist. At the sixth annual Truth Awards, they shared the Business Leadership Award.

According to the company’s website, JSN Studio “designs interiors, goods, and fashion moments honoring history, present, and future with the sole objective of helping our clients and collaborators look and live well.”

Adair and Jason revealed in April 2021 that they would have their first child together through surrogacy. On May 24, 2021, they finally gave birth to their son, Arrow Fox, who has since been his active father. The pair frequently post pictures of their son’s cute activities on social media, and in May 2022, they celebrated his first birthday. Adair and Jason appear to be content with their lives in Los Angeles and like taking their son on vacations to lovely locations. So, we want to wish the family happiness and love in the years to come.

Adair referred to the experience of seeing his husband “change into this other person” in the presence of their child as “magic.” They hope that those in the LGBTQ+ community who want to have children will remain dedicated to their objective.