Where is Faye Yager’s Daughter Michelle Jones French Today?

Where is Faye Yager’s Daughter Michelle Jones French

Where is Faye Yager’s Daughter Michelle Jones French Now? – Children of the Underground” is a documentary series that explores the realities of abuse from every conceivable viewpoint. It is at once riveting and perplexing. That’s because this FX original explores every facet of the charming vigilante Faye Yager’s network-wide effort to protect both women and children from suspected abuse when the courts refused. But the truth is that her clandestine activities have specific personal origins; her daughter Michelle was assaulted when she was a toddler, and despite obvious medical indicators, no one believed her. If you want to know more about Michelle and her current whereabouts, keep reading below.

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Where is Faye Yager Now
Michelle with her mother Faye Yager.

Michelle Jones French: Who is She?

Billie Faye Wisen, then known as Faye Yager, married Roger Jones when she was 17 years old. Soon after, the couple welcomed Michelle Jones into the world. The attentive mother allegedly saw her husband assaulting their 2-year-old child by having her small fingers wrapped around his genitalia when she entered the room, which is when this ostensibly blissful marriage supposedly ended. She attempted to raise the alarm, but not only were her concerns dismissed by everyone, but Roger also succeeded in getting her admitted to a psychiatric institution because she was merely hallucinating.

Faye did permanently split from Roger once she was released, but she was unaware that her time in the mental hospital would be used against her in the ensuing contentious custody dispute for Michelle. As a result, she took their daughter and fled, only to return after she tested positive for gonorrhea because she honestly believed it would make a difference. However, Roger was once more given custody. Sadly, it appears that he continued to torture Michelle throughout her young age until she was 12 years old, when she threatened to contact the police if he didn’t stop.

What Happened to Michelle Jones French and Where Is She Now?

According to what we can gather, by the time Michelle was 16 years old, her mother had to take significant steps to assure her safety because she had developed a drug habit and was expecting a child from an “unknown father.” Early in 1989, Yara gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine, revealing that because of the assault, she “considered her daughter’s experience as a particular tragedy-a sad but unique incident.” She did, however, go on, even though she will never be able to forget the past or the fact that her father ended up being the first pedophile on the FBI’s Most Wanted List (for unrelated sex offenses).

Before making a permanent home in the Southern state, Michelle attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and has actually succeeded in building a wonderful life for herself there. She appears to have a devoted spouse, at least three boys, one of whom is a military member, and she is a serial entrepreneur who works as a Freelance Executive Consultant right now. Previous businesses for the Knox County native include StoneWall, Animal Element, and Liora, with the majority incorporating her passion for animals in some form. She seems to prefer dogs and horses.

According to a recent tweet from Michelle Jones French, she appears to live by the motto, “Don’t let your past define you! Break away from the shame and LIVE!!!”

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