FX’s ‘Children of the Underground’: Where is Faye Yager Today? Has She Been Found?

Where is Faye Yager Now
Michelle with her mother Faye Yager.

Where is Faye Yager Now? Has She Been Found? – Faye Yager undoubtedly went above and above to protect thousands of women and children from a life of alleged abuse, but her ambitious advocacy has frequently been compared to pure vigilantism. That’s because, as thoroughly analyzed in the FX Network documentary “Children of the Underground,” she established a sizable yet covert network to permanently hide them when a dysfunctional legal system refused to provide any assistance.

We now have the crucial information for you if you want to understand more about this captivating woman, with a focus on her job, her objectives, and her current whereabouts.

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Who is Faye Yager

Faye Yager: Who is She?

Faye Yager (Billie Faye Wisen) was a West Virginia coal miner’s daughter who was born in the late 1940s. She was the fourth child out of eleven. She married Roger Jones at just 17. She was always protective, devoted, and obstinate, especially when it came to her family, so there was no turning back from the moment she reportedly witnessed him abusing their 2-year-old.

She made an effort to bring attention to the problem, but her husband was still able to have her put in a mental institution and eventually obtain custody of their daughter despite there being evidence of abuse.

When the child tested positive for gonorrhea, Faye actually fled with her, thinking that would be sufficient evidence to change things, but tragically, that was not the case. Following Roger’s conviction for unrelated sex offenses, her second remarriage, and the beginning of her new life in high society, she realized she had to take action when she came across a story like hers in the media years later. Faye once said, “I learned I wasn’t the only one.” “I saw this as my opportunity to improve things and make sense of everything I had gone through.”

Children of the Underground was born as a result, a network beyond the law that Faye had established through open alliances with psychologists, attorneys, feminists, and activists. They weren’t paid employees; they were only volunteers who, like her, wanted to assist people fleeing potentially violent situations so that their children would be protected. Thus, the mother of five went from attending charity events to being questioned by the FBI anytime a case of a missing parent or child arose to receiving death threats in addition to being the target of numerous lawsuits.

Where is Faye Yager Today

What Happened to Faye Yager and Where Is She Now?

Faye did not give up, despite the numerous emotionally and financially draining obstacles she faced every day, because she firmly felt her work to be excellent. It’s important to note that she even went on trial in 1992 over allegations that her treatment of children during the entire process was traumatizing, but the case was never resolved. In other words, she was cleared of all allegations, including kidnapping, interference with custody, and child maltreatment (stemming from her 45-minute van ride with two kids after their mother brought them in for a consultation).

But by the early 2000s, Faye had taken part in a public lawsuit against wealthy businessman (and alleged abuser) Bipin Shah before ostensibly making a different life choice. She moved to North Carolina with her devoted third husband, a doctor who was then practising in Atlanta named Howard Yager, to oversee The Inn at Brevard at 315 East Main Street in addition to stepping away from the spotlight. According to what we can determine, the couple still runs this 14-room hotel that dates back to 1885 but has been modernized with contemporary amenities and personalized with quirky antiques and artwork.

Even though the innkeeper now prefers to remain anonymous, she has dealt with more than 7,000 households, approximately 3,400 of which were able to flee their predicament permanently. Despite Faye’s daughter Michelle’s recent tweet suggesting her mother had ceased activities due to the Bipin Shah case, Faye herself acknowledged that Children of the Underground was still operating in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, Faye said, “My group still exists. It’s much harder, but they still use fake documents and disguises if required.”

She continued, “You can still accomplish it; you just need a lot more – I don’t want to dig into that too much. Whenever a woman calls me before making a decision, I treasure those calls.”

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