FX’s ‘Children of the Underground’: Where is Bipin Shah Now?

fx children of the underground

Where is Bipin Shah, the Man Who Sued Faye Yager, Now? – Faye Yager, the compelling documentary antihero of “Children of the Underground,” motivates the show’s embrace of difficult decisions within the overarching goal of safeguarding children. Yager founded the group with the same name to shield women and their children from a partner who was reportedly abusing them. She would assist them in going “underground,” assuming other identities, and residing with unidentified hosts in safehouses across the country. The semantics of her bravery, however, were far more nuanced. 

To begin with, she was technically sheltering fugitives because these mothers had “kidnapped” their children from fathers who later sought custody. For some, it’s obvious: These women created their own system because the law did not protect them and even punished them when they spoke up and sought justice against the perpetrators. Anything to keep their children safe.

But now, if you only want to know more about the businessman Bipin Shah, who finally defeated Faye Yager after a protracted struggle of sheer determination, we have the information for you.

Who is Bipin Shah

Who is Bipin Shah and Why Did He Sue Faye Yager?

Bipin Shah was raised in Myanmar (or Burma) by a wealthy family of diamond merchants; despite being born and raised in India, he always felt out of place on the planet’s eastern side. His entire focus was on making sure he could study in the country, and in 1958, he finally made the transfer with a scholarship to Ohio’s Baldwin Wallace University and $93 in his pocket. He later enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania to continue pursuing his philosophy degree but left before earning his PhD after finding the field didn’t provide many opportunities.

Bipin thus began his career in the electronics sector before switching to banking eight years later, at which point the emigrant’s chances for professional success completely changed. He excelled everywhere, including at Visa, American Express, MAI, Genpass, and Gensar, where he later attained an executive position before moving on to CoreStates.

The married father of one met Ellen Dever there, a computer programmer, and they immediately started dating even though he had been married for more than 19 years and they were 16 years age difference.

Although Bipin and Ellen were legally married in 1985, they chose to separate in 1993 to benefit their two young girls and themselves. But as the months went by, their relationship grew more acrimonious, and on December 16, 1993, allegedly, the businessman assaulted one of his daughters in front of the girls. Before other occurrences led to the former couple receiving a court order prohibiting future contact, he refuted the accusation made against him. He then applied for exclusive custody, while she dialed Faye at that time.

Bipin was obviously devastated when Ellen and his two daughters mysteriously vanished in the summer of 1997, but he was also determined to find them no matter the cost (literally!). He organized a news conference to announce a $2 million prize for the safe return of his children, engaged a private investigator to find out every detail, and ultimately sued Faye for an additional $100 million. Bipin even went so far as to threaten to throw her entire organization to ruin, but after using all of his resources to track down and bring his children back from Switzerland, he abandoned the case.

Where is Bipin Shah, the Man Who Sued Faye Yager

What Happened to Bipin Shah and Where Is He Now?

The man who is credited with developing ATM networks is said to have publicly spent $3.2 million on the return of his daughters, but Bipin has subsequently had a pretty sedate personal life. If we’re being honest, not much is known about his connections or familial experiences, except for the fact that he currently lives in Pennsylvania and is close to his three children.

However, we know that Bipin is currently the Co-Founder and Chairman of the JetPay Corporation, an IT service management business. He even held the CEO position when he first started the company in November 2010 before handing it over to Diane Faro in May 2016. It’s important to point out that he has previously held the positions of President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universal Business Payment Solutions Acquisition Corporation.

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