Who is Nick Cutsumpas From Instant Dream Home? Age, Family, and Background

Nick Cutsumpas From Instant Dream Home

Nick Cutsumpas From Instant Dream Home: Everything We Know – Netflix’s reality show “Instant Dream Home” follows a group of extremely skilled renovators attempting to execute the ultimate home makeover in just 12 hours, as the title promises. The home remodeling program selects a few deserving, diligent families whose homes are in desperate need of renovation. To the surprise of the homeowners, the team of professionals tries to break a record by finishing the refurbishment from top to bottom in 12 hours.

The program gives the featured families a positive experience while also giving viewers a glimpse of each professional renovator’s effort. Nick Cutsumpas, the exterior and landscape designer who brought a lot of imagination to refurbish the homes, is one such person who played a big role in season 1. He received a lot of attention for his green ingenuity, and his admirers wanted to learn more about him. Here is everything we know about Nick Cutsumpas and his background if you’re interested in learning more.

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Nick Cutsumpas’ Age, Family, and Background

Age, Background, and Family of Nick Cutsumpas

Nick Cutsumpas was born on April 13, 1992, and spent his formative years in White Plains, New York, with his parents and Rachel, his younger sister. Being raised in such a loving environment facilitated his smooth transition into becoming a plant specialist. Nick said that his sister, in particular, had a motivating role because her suggestions helped him discover the vast world of plants and start backyard gardening in his early years. Nick’s mother, Karen, is also interested in farming.

The ‘Instant Dream Home’ pro, who is now 30 years old, earned his high school diploma from White Plains High School in New York, where he captained the varsity basketball and baseball teams and was a member of the National Honors Society. Then, in 2014, Nick completed his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology at Tufts University with minors in leadership and entrepreneurship. Since he was young, he has been a serious baseball fan, and he has coached the young teams at the Hit-N-Run Baseball Camp in his hometown.

Nick Cutsumpas’ Education and Profession

Like any other driven entrepreneur, Nick completed his undergraduate studies and journeyed through the corporate world to understand his preferences. From 2014 to 2016, he spent two years as a Sports and Wellness Business Development Manager at IBM Watson. From there, he moved on to serve as Satisfi Labs’ Director of Business Development.

Nick, however, felt empty and as though he was experiencing “green withdrawal” while working for these large tech corporations. This most likely resulted from his interest in growing tomatoes and other small fruits in his parent’s garden while he was working in the corporate world.

 Nick gradually decided to leave his work and seek a career in horticulture and plant entrepreneurship due to this “withdrawal,” which prompted him to purchase 95 houseplants at a time. He was confident in his abilities and enthusiasm for his work, which quickly paid off when he eventually attracted over 75 clients and got cast in a reality show about flower arrangements. Nick then worked to boost his clientele and develop his social media platforms to market his work and educate his followers about plant development and maintenance.

As Farmer Nick in 2020, Nick started educating people about the delicate nuances of caring for plants and the need to establish sustainable plant-growing practices. He advocates for edible gardens and a plant-based way of life and describes himself as a “‘plantrepreneur’ who is passionate about all things green.”

After that, Nick relocated to Los Angeles, where he amassed more clients and “plant-parents” in general. His tale has been featured on numerous websites, including Business Insider, the New York Times, and Vogue. He also participated in the Netflix reality competition program “The Big Flower Fight” in 2020. Nick currently works as a landscape and garden designer and participates as the exterior designer of the group of “Instant Dream Home” specialists.

According to his website, his mission is about “giving people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces in the pursuit of environmental action and social justice.” It’s fascinating to notice that just between New York and California, he has over 150 clients. 

Adair Curtis’ Family, Girlfriend

As far as we know, Nick is allegedly dating Alana Williams, a fellow plant lover. Since the middle of 2020, they have been a unit and are still going strong. Nick and Alana share a love of plants and are frequently seen encouraging one another’s endeavors and advocating for a green lifestyle. She was particularly interested in the nation’s food system and food production in general because she studied food policy.

After working at a farmers’ market, Alana became so interested in the industry that she decided to pursue a Master’s in Food Policy. She met Nick while pursuing her post-graduate studies in New York at a dinner party with a dirt theme. Because they shared interests, they began communicating frequently. In 2020, they started dating after gradually becoming attracted to one another. We wish Nick and his partner all the best for the future; at the moment, they both reside in Los Angeles and are content to live a “green” lifestyle with their puppy, Beau.

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