Alice Darling (2022) Ending, Explained: Did Alice Leave Simon?

Alice Darling Ending, Explained – Mary Nighy made her directorial debut in 2022 with the psychological thriller filmAlice, Darling,” based on a script by Alanna Francis. Together, the performances of Anna Kendrick, Kaniehtiio Horn, Wunmi Mosaku, and Charlie Carrick transform an already captivating story into one that stays with you long after the credits roll. Find out what “Alice, Dear” is about and what difficulties Alice faces.

Release date: 30 December 2022 (USA)
Director: Mary Nighy
Cinematography: Mike McLaughlin
Editor: Gareth C. Scales
Distributed by: Lionsgate Films, Elevation Pictures

Alice Darling plot synopsis

‘Alice, Darling’ Plot Summary

As soon as we spotted Alice dining with her friends Sophie and Tess, we knew something was amiss. Her facial expressions and body language indicated concern, but the reason for her anguish was unknown. Sophie endeavoured to initiate conversation and, more importantly, to value their time together. Tess was equally invested, and although she held specific grievances against Alice, she and Alice had reconciled and resolved to let the past be the past. Alice abruptly left the conversation to take a provocative selfie in the restroom, which she later emailed to her lover, Simon. Sophie insisted that Tess’ birthday celebration be held in her home in the north, despite Alice’s refusal.

It had been a long time since the three friends had travelled together, but Tess’ 30th birthday called for a reunion. Alice’s face turned white as soon as Sophie requested as if she knew that her parents would not allow her to do something she desperately desired. At the time, Alice was a strong, mature adult, so it seemed odd that she couldn’t see her friends. Alice had a perpetual grimace as she checked her phone for new information. Sophie and Tess could not read minds, but they found Alice’s reaction odd. Alice lied when she claimed Simon intended to invite both of her friends to his gallery opening. She desired their presence and suspected that Simon would do anything to keep her pals away. Alice had requested that Simon bring her friends, and after they were added to the guest list, she came to inform Sophie and Tess that Simon really wanted them to attend.

It was instantly apparent that Simon was not the type of person Alice had characterised him as. Still, we refrained from passing judgement because nothing had occurred up until that point to support our assumptions. Alice appeared afraid when she returned home as if she had committed a grave error and was about to be disciplined by a superior. Simon makes his first appearance when he enters the bathroom without permission, interrupting Alice in the shower. It would be deceptive to assert that they did so voluntarily; Alice felt uncomfortable throughout but remained silent out of politeness.

The fact that Alice brought her phone with her to the restroom or how uncomfortable she felt when she realised Simon would disapprove of her behaviour were small but revealing indicators of how confined she felt in the relationship. Alice meant to surprise Tess on her birthday with an all-girls trip, but she dared to tell Simon. Simon deceived Alice into believing that she did not enjoy being with her friends and that she was not entirely herself in their company.

Alice had to lie to attend Tess’ birthday party, and her journey there was filled with anxiety. The fact that she was entering and exiting discussions made it plain to others that she was not interested. Alice was unaware of the significance of her journey to her aspirations.

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Why Does Alice Leave Simon

‘Alice, Darling’ (2022) Ending, Explained – Why Does Alice Leave Simon?

Tess and Sophie began to believe that something was up with their friend, but they were unaware that the problem had reached this point. Alice’s vomiting was initially attributed to motion sickness, but it was later determined that her violent relationship was to cause. Alice feels awful even in her nightmares and sees herself with another man. Sophie and Tess wanted to say a lot in response to their friend’s explanation about the repercussions of having an “immoral dream” but were at a loss for words. Alice has reoccurring nightmares about Simon that are terrible. Alice had known for quite some time that she was fully reliant on Simon, but she still felt bound to comply with his orders.

At first sight, everything appeared flawless, and no one could identify any problems. At first look, Simon appeared to be a devoted boyfriend, but Alice quickly realised that he had built an unseen rope around their relationship that was holding her hostage. It was evident from Alice’s facial expressions that she was not doing it of her own volition when she continually updated Simon via text messages, images, and hourly phone calls. It is possible to infer how strongly she felt about responding to his SMS at 2:30 a.m., despite being only partially awake, based on the fact that she awoke and did so. Alice began daily with an aerobic workout while listening to informative and encouraging podcasts. Perhaps doing so helped her preserve her sanity in the face of the constant mental torture she endured.

If we were unaware of the background, Simon’s plea that Alice returns a bit early would have appeared to be a generic message from a boyfriend who missed his girlfriend. Alice yet felt bound to return to him, and she informed Tess and Sophie of her intentions. Tess took it terribly and, as a result, clashed with Alice. Alice reconsidered her decision to attend, but the argument revived old wounds, and Sophie did her best to reconcile with her pals. All hell broke loose when Simon discovered that Alice had lied to him about not going on vacation with her friends.

Alice Darling ending

Alice started packing her belongings after a brief pause, but Tess had hidden her phone and cash so that they could have a final conversation. Tess realised that Alice’s lack of confidence had made her a people-pleaser and that she lacked the courage to speak up for herself. Alice misplaced Simon’s gift earrings while paddleboarding on the lake with him. Then Alice began hyperventilating and saying things that caused Tess to think that her friend was being mentally tortured and gaslighted by Simon.

In a condition of fear, Alice declared that she would instead Simon leave her than discover that she was a vile individual. Tess recognised that Simon substantially impacted her perspective, whereas Alice viewed his behaviours as acceptable. Alice hesitated to acknowledge that she had undergone a significant shift in personality, not because she wanted to, but because her incredibly controlling partner favoured it. Alice blamed herself despite Tess’s reassurance that she couldn’t tell her so-called life partner that she was going out with friends was a major warning sign. Due to her mental collapse, Alice locked herself in the bathroom.

Alice told Tess she did not wish to return the following day when Tess returned to check on her. Soon after, Alice shared her story with her closest friends. Simon supervised her and possessed absolute influence over her. Since Alice had no idea what would provoke him, she was in a constant state of tension, striving to impress him at all times. Alice freed herself of blame even after having a tantrum because Simon performed his responsibilities so well. Sophie informed him that the emotional suffering she had endured was equivalent to her physical abuse. By the time Alice stopped being anxious whenever Tess removed her phone, she had already lost interest in it. She felt at ease when she stopped wondering about whether Simon had called or texted her.

Simon unexpectedly appeared at the girls’ cottage. Tess and Sophie were stunned that he would do such a thing, and they immediately noted a change in Alice’s demeanour after he did so. In private later that evening, Simon confronted Alice and made her regret her actions. He emphasised how unfair it was that she had chosen to spend time with her friends rather than him. Alice, as usual, lacked the self-assurance to respond appropriately, so she only nodded in agreement like a subservient child.

They enjoyed an inappropriately intimate time together as Simon nearly forced his way in. The next day, Alice packed her belongings and left with Simon, prompting Tess and Sophie to recognise the significance of Alice’s friends in assisting her in leaving her abusive relationship. Sophie and Tess pursued Simon’s vehicle and destroyed its rearview mirror. Simon began to yell at them, but Sophie would not retreat. She seized Alice’s hand and gave Simon the evil eye while announcing that she would not leave. After realising he did not influence Alice’s decision, Simon left the restaurant in a rage.

Alice was a mess in ways that no one could have anticipated, and certain things were irreparably broken. Alice’s friends defended her when it mattered, giving her the courage to persevere, see the bright side, and do things her way. Alice took a nice dip in the frigid water and enjoyed freedom for the first time in a long time.

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