Is ’80 For Brady’ Based On A True Story? How Much of the Movie is True?

Rita Moreno plays Maura, Jane Fonda plays Trish, Lily Tomlin plays Lou and Sally Field plays Betty in 80 For Brady from Paramount Pictures.

Is 80 For Brady Based On A True Story? – The planned sports comedy “80 for Brady,” which was directed by Kyle Marvin and written by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, will have Tom Brady as an executive producer. Four longtime friends, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, attended Super Bowl LI in 2017 to see Tom Brady play.

80 for Brady premiered in the United States on February 3, 2023, and was distributed by Paramount Pictures. The critical response was dispersed.

Four elderly female friends and ardent New England Patriots supporters traveled to Houston in 2017 to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots compete in Super Bowl LI.

Extreme Patriots supporters, some of whom are already deceased, comprise the “Over 80 for Brady” fan group in reality. Their road to the 2017 Super Bowl, where they will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers, is depicted in the film. Could the older women have traveled to Houston from Boston to visit their hero?

Is '80 For Brady' Based On A True Story

How The Real ’80 For Brady’ Club Inspired A Movie

The film incorrectly depicts the “Over 80 for Brady” fan organization, which initially comprised of five ladies who began gathering to watch Patriots games on their allocated game days following the deaths of their separate husbands. During the games, the widows supported one another, bonded over their mutual love of the sport, and had a terrific time together. According to Time, the ensemble consisted of Betty Pensavalle, Elaine St. Martin, Anita Riccio, Pat Marx, and Claire Boardman.

When asked about the family, Betty’s grandson, Max Gross, reportedly told The Washington Post, “This has to be a movie.” However, Tom was the one to inform Betty that the project had been accepted. In relation to the recording the NFL great had made, Max told a media member, “We really wanted him to notify her that it was happening.” This contributed to its distinctiveness and durability; it was a relic she could keep forever. He did an excellent job, and the outcome was excellent.

Elaine and Betty are ecstatic that their story was made into a film, but neither they nor their team ever attended the Super Bowl or saw Tom in person. Elaine told Time that the most essential takeaway is the importance of friendship, although the film follows four friends as they prepare for the Super Bowl.

Additionally, Elaine stated, “Even at the age of 95, I can say, ‘Life is short. Life is too short for contention and anger. If you are kind to others, good will return to you. Betty and I have never had a disagreement in the 72 years we have been friends. In addition, the ladies continued to support their favourite football star until his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following the 2022–2023 season.

Tom quipped that, now that he is retired, he can finally watch his own movie. Elaine and Betty, both now ninety years old, saw the film at a private screening with plenty of popcorn.

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