Lovestruck High: Are Chante Andrews and Sinae “Sin” Prendergast Still Together?

Are Chante Andrews and Sinae Prendergast Still Together

Are Chante Andrews and Sinae “Sin” Prendergast From Lovestruck High Still Together? – Lovestruck High‘ is a fun dating reality show that takes a lot of inspiration from iconic high school love flicks. It moves a group of eligible singles from the United Kingdom to a real-life high school in the United States. Despite the fact that the participants are expected to live normal student life, attend classes, and even participate in extracurricular activities, their main task is to find a partner in time for the end-of-year prom.

However, because the couple that wins the title of prom royalty will be awarded a large sum of money, straying out of line could result in expulsion from this high school.

Sinae “Sin” Prendergast hoped to discover the girl of her dreams, whereas Chante Andrews came on the show as a straight competitor and pursued a relationship with Geoff Cheung. Surprisingly, the two struck up a friendship while rehearsing for a talent event, and onlookers were ecstatic to see them bond.

However, now that the season is over, there has been speculation about whether the couple is still together after the Amazon Prime Videos’ ‘Lovestruck High’. Let’s see what we can find out, shall we?

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Prendergast, Sinae (Security officer, 24, from Northolt, West London)

On the show, she was named “Sin” and was toyed with by a number of the other females, first by Jody and then by Jess. Given that she came off as a nice person on the show, it felt unjust that she couldn’t find someone on her level.

She may console herself, though, with her 23K TikTok fans, all of whom adore her.

Andrews, Chante (GP secretary, 24, from London)

Chante was one of the few participants that found a match immediately, spending most of the season with Geoff. Until Valentine’s dance showdown, a more feisty Chante sent Geoff fleeing.

Is she going to find love on the show? We’re still waiting because nothing on her Instagram page shows she’s found the man of her dreams.

Are Chante and Sin From Lovestruck High Still Together

The ‘Lovestruck High’ Journey of Chante and Sin

Chante, surprisingly, did not appear on the show with the intention of finding the perfect girl. In fact, she had remained straight her entire life and said that she had no prior experience dating a woman. Nonetheless, she struggled to make a good connection throughout the first two days, and her future on the show appeared bleak. However, shortly after, the 24-year-old London GP secretary met Geoff Cheung, and the two began to form a satisfying relationship.

Interestingly, Geoff was first drawn to Jody, but she turned out to be a lesbian. As a result, when he met Chante, they both put everything into the relationship, and their connection seemed to blossom in just a few days. The duo initially kissed during a reenactment of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but they quickly became inseparable, whether it was during or after class. They were also at ease discussing their former relationship and agreed to avoid any potential stumbling blocks by taking things slowly.

However, difficulties quickly arose when Geoff became dissatisfied with Chante’s companionship. Geoff didn’t like the fact that the GP secretary was good friends with Junaid and Theo. Even yet, when Chante spoke up against Basit’s actions during the Valentine’s Day dance, it was the final nail in the coffin. Geoff and Chante broke up soon after, and Chante opted to compete in the talent event with Sin.

Sin, by the way, was one of the few finalists who remained single and had not found a mate. Chante decided to come clean and confess when she realised she was developing feelings for Sin. Sin, on the other hand, was ecstatic at the news and appeared to be interested in developing a relationship.

As a result, much to the surprise of others, Chante and Sin became an official couple, agreeing to attend prom together. Furthermore, their bond looked to be extremely deep, since Chante expressed interest in introducing Sin to her parents.

Is Chante Andrews Still Together with Sinae Prendergast?

Unfortunately, Chante and Sin have maintained a tight lid on their personal life since filming concluded and haven’t provided an update on their relationship. Although they appear to have returned to their regular lives, the two are still on good terms with the majority of their castmates and frequently communicate via social media.

Interestingly, Sin has been seen leaving romantic comments on Chante’s social media posts, implying that they are still dating. As a result, we can reasonably infer that Chante and Sin were able to make their relationship work after filming, based on their current bond and the dedication they displayed on the show.

You can Stream Lovestruck High Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video.