Lovestruck High: Are KT Franklin and Max O’Dwyer Still Together?

Are KT and Max From Lovestruck High Still Together

Are KT Franklin and Max O’Dwyer From Lovestruck High Still Together? Let’s find out. ‘Lovestruck High,’ a Prime Video original, places a group of British singles in an American high school atmosphere, replete with a homeroom teacher, a coach, and a harsh principal. The participants at Lovestruck High live the lives of a typical high school student, but with the added responsibility of finding their ideal mate in time for the end-of-year prom.

Nonetheless, like at other high schools, surviving in such a cutthroat environment is difficult, as even a single step out of line can lead to expulsion. Even though KT Franklin, a content developer from Milton Keynes, had a bit of bad luck with love from the start of the programme, Max O’Dwyer, a personal trainer from Essex, appeared to be really interested in Yasmine Rabeea.

When Yasmine decided to go with Alexis instead of Max, he switched his focus to KT and was astonished to discover a mutual interest. However, now that the cameras have been turned away, let’s take a peek at Max and KT’s relationship to see if they are still together.

KT Franklin (Content creator, 21, from Milton Keynes)

KT Franklin is the biggest social media star in Lovestruck High, with 2.6 MILLION TikTok followers (@ktfranklin) and 211K Instagram followers.

That said, she is often disregarded during the drama, but she is capable of standing up for herself and comes out as one of the most honest.

Max O’Dwyer (Personal trainer, 23, from Brentwood, Essex)

Max, oh Max! We all knew he was in deep trouble the moment he met Yasmine and began professing his undying love for her.

And the source of trouble was Alexis, a moody Frenchman who stormed in, locked his gaze on Jasmine, and swept her off her feet. Max, don’t be concerned; there are plenty more fish in the sea!

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The ‘Lovestruck High’ Journey of KT Franklin and Max O’Dwyer

KT and Max both talked about their hopes for ‘Lovestruck High,’ and how they hoped to find the perfect mate. KT, on the other hand, failed to meet someone she liked within the first few days, although she did make a lot of new acquaintances. Max, on the other hand, appeared to be smitten with Yasmine and had made up his mind to pursue her.

Although Yasmine and Max had absolutely nothing in common, he took a risk and invited her to the homecoming dance. While Yasmine accepted Max’s proposal because she thought it was cute, she knew she would always keep her options open. Max, on the other hand, gave the relationship his all and grew increasingly in love with it.

Alexis’ choice of Yasmine and Rachel as his Camp Crush dates, however, devastated Max’s world. Yasmine recognised she had a better connection with Alexis while at the camp and chose to pursue a relationship with the professional soccer player. Max appeared insecure at school, and his worst fears were realised when Yasmine admitted that she had chosen Alexis over him.

The personal trainer, on the other hand, refused to give up his search for love and soon met KT, who was single at the time. KT and Max were shocked to discover that they had a lot in common as they got to know each other. Furthermore, they appeared to be highly drawn to each other, and it did not take long for the two to start dating.

Max and KT later stated that they were able to develop a good relationship because they began as best friends. While the pair appeared to be at ease with each other, their connection and commitment were truly extraordinary. Furthermore, they promised to attend the final prom together and, by all appearances, appeared to be in it for the long haul.

Are Max O’Dwyer and KT Franklin Still Together or Not?

After the first season of filming wrapped, KT and Max went back to their regular lives and resolved to keep their relationship a secret. Although they haven’t offered any updates, the two keep in touch via social media and have amicable ties with most of their castmates.

KT and Max, on the other hand, shared couple photos from the set on their Instagram stories, implying that their relationship is still going strong. As a result, we’d like to presume that KT and Max are still together, given their extraordinary commitment and the lack of any evidence of a probable separation.

You can watch Lovestruck High Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

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