‘Dateline: Hit List’ – Where is Isaiah Carvalho Now?

Where is Isaiah Carvalho Now
Isaiah Carvalho was the target of a murder-for-hire plot by his own wife, who worked as an NYPD officer.

Valerie Cincinelli was arrested in 2019 for scheming with her lover to assassinate her ex-husband, ‘Isaiah Carvalho,’ in order to deprive him of her police pension. “Out of sheer envy and personal animosity,” she planned to murder her boyfriend’s 13-year-old daughter.

In May of this year, a 12-year NYPD veteran began to see the other side of the system after being accused of plotting to hire a hitman for not one, but two distinct targets. Valerie Cincinelli, according to NBC’s ‘Dateline: Hit List,’ had allegedly determined to kill both her estranged then-husband, Isaiah Carvalho, and her boyfriend’s teen daughter, and had meticulously planned everything.

Thankfully, she claimed ruse was foiled when her boyfriend, John DiRubba, contacted the authorities, but if you’re curious about how it all affected Isaiah, here’s what we know.

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Isaiah Carvalho with Valerie Cincinelli

Who is Isaiah Carvalho?

Isaiah Carvalho Jr., a native New Yorker, first met Valerie Cincinelli in 2012 when she messaged him on social media after seeing his photo at his stepfather’s desk at work. Soon after, the two began dating, with Isaiah feeling that the police officer was exactly like him, a young single mother looking for a good connection.

According to Isaiah’s testimony on ABC’sNightline,’ things improved for the couple after Valerie became pregnant with their only child (a son) a few years later, especially after she became “mentally and emotionally” violent.

“I was under the impression that I was marrying someone who pledged to protect and serve… a cop… Instead, I got a psychopath,” Isaiah explained. He’s also never shied away from saying that by the time he filed for divorce in early 2019, he and Valerie were regularly arguing and that they both had active restraining orders against each other.

Isaiah, on the other hand, did not believe things were as bad because they “didn’t have a hot custody struggle.” I don’t see why she would want to do this to me or my son when we were ready to reach an agreement.”

Isaiah only learnt about his then-alleged wife’s murder-for-hire conspiracy when the FBI approached him on May 17, 2019, after which he had no choice but to collaborate with them and John DiRubba to stage his death. Isaiah said, “It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever had to experience.” “They forced me to sit in my car [at an unknown location].”

Glass was strewn across the floor and all over me, and I was forced to hunch over in the passenger seat.” Valerie was arrested the same day as a result of their swift work and her incriminating behaviour.

Where is Isaiah Carvalho today

What Happened to Isaiah Carvalho and Where Is He Now?

Isaiah Carvalho is said to “truly believe” his ex-wife got away with her activities because she was never convicted of murder-for-hire charges, only obstruction of justice. “She went through with it… brought gold coins out,” he added, alluding to Valerie’s boyfriend’s purported payment of a hitman with $7,000 in cash converted to gold coins.

“She had every intention of carrying it out.” That’s why, in addition to the mental pain of having to fake his death in order to protect the woman he once loved, Isaiah has trouble feeling safe no matter where he is.

“I’m always looking over my shoulder,” the Community College graduate and Sales Representative for an equipment rental company told Inside Edition recently. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t fear for my life.”

In terms of his whereabouts and personal status, because Isaiah currently likes to keep his life out of the spotlight, all we know is that he remains in New York, where he strives to make the most of each day. Isaiah looks to be grappling with the past, but he also appears to be committed to raising awareness about it as part of his effort to move on.

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