Where is George Parent Today? How Did Ronald Fowler Die?

Where is George Parent Now

Where is George Parent Now? How Did Ronald Fowler Die? – On April 14, 2014, the Investigation Discovery channel debuted the American-Canadian true crime documentary television series Fear Thy Neighbor. Tish Iceton, a voice actress, serves as the series’ narrator.

The show is an international co-production between the Canadian factual production company Cream Productions, the American cable television network Investigation Discovery, its Canadian version, and the French-language Canadian documentary television channel Canal D (which would later be replaced by its crime-focused spinoff Canal D/Investigation, later known as Investigation). Bell Media, which owns Canal D, Investigation, and Investigation Discovery Canada, is the series producer.

The focus of the show is on various arguments between neighbors that often begin over very little things (dog bites, noise complaints, and property disputes) but end in catastrophes.

It’s no different in Season 8 Episode 5, “Other People’s Property,” which details the complicated 2017 murder of George Parent in his Canadian hometown of Two Mile. Now that you know more about the incident, the subsequent investigations, the perpetrator’s motivations, and its genuinely perplexing as well as unexpected consequences, you may read on because we’ve got you covered.

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George Parent’s Attempted Murder

Murderous Attempt on George Parent

George Parent has always been proud of the family farm, which is located on Six Mile Road in the idyllic small community of Two Mile in Northern British Columbia. George is a third-generation farmer.

The plan for 2014 was to be split between his brother Louis, Ronald Fowler, and a third friend. Under this, they vacate their common barn and divide the money by selling their old steel equipment.

He reportedly kept all the steel for himself and left the rest of the cheap stuff for his neighbor, Ronald. This didn’t go well with Ronald in any way, leading to a lasting rivalry after a bitter confrontation.

The circumstances are quite unclear as to who started the subsequent verbal and physical fights, but neither one was certainly willing to bow down. Things went from bad to worse between them.

Ronald and George originally bullied each other too much at one point, accusing George of complaining to the highway contractors and later grabbing the other man by the throat.

One day, on October 14, 2017, the same thing happened that everyone feared. One day, Ronald shot George two or three times in the arm and chest with his .38 snub-nose revolver.

However, both parties blame each other for whatever happened on that day. Ronald said he shot George in self-defense after realizing he would shoot at him.

While George claimed it was a form of ambush with the intention of exacting vengeance, Ronald had no reason to hide his actions.

As claimed by the prosecution, he fired in self-defense, despite the fact that he never called the police after the shooting. This goes against Ronald.

He added that Ronald had carefully concealed the murder weapon for a while because he was allegedly not even allowed to keep it.


The charges against Ronald Fowler included:

  • Attempted murder.
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
  • Firing a gun with the intent to threaten another person’s life.

He was put on trial for the same offense at the beginning of 2019, and after roughly eight hours of discussion spread over two days in mid-March, the jury found him guilty on all three counts. He was given bail until his sentencing hearing.

He was given bail until his sentencing hearing.

Where is George Parent today

What has Happened to George Parent and Where Is He Now?

According to the ID original, George Parent can’t fully use one of his arms because of the way the bullets hit him, but he has made a miraculous recovery in all other respects. So far as we can determine, the proud farmer is still living a happy life in the peaceful village of Two Mile, British Columbia, Canada, which is literally two miles away from Mapcarta. More importantly, he still gets along well with Louis, his brother, and they both live on the Six Mile Road property that used to belong to their devoted father.

How Did Ronald Fowler Die?

Ronald Lee Fowler tragically died in a car accident just days before his sentencing. The 66-year-old reportedly died instantly after being hit by a semi (tractor-trailer) at Hulki Drive in the Fraser Lake hamlet in the early hours of November 12, 2019.

Thus, the case against him was quickly dismissed. I would also like to point out that the driver was immediately traced and questioned after the car accident. But no one has been charged in connection with his death.

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