In ‘Ordinary Joe,’ Who is James? Do Gwen and James Still Dating Together?

Are Gwen and James Dating in Ordinary Joe
ORDINARY JOE -- "Thankful" Episode: 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Wynn Everett as Celeste Kimbreau, Anne Ramsay as Gwen, James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau, John Gluck as Christopher -- (Photo by: Eliza Morse/NBC)

NBC’s drama series ‘Ordinary Joe‘ follows Joe Kimbreau in three different lives: as a nurse, a rock star, and a police officer.

Joe’s lovely and heart-warming relationship with Gwen Kimbreau, his mother, remains the same despite the fact that he goes through different predicaments and problems in three separate timeframes.

The eleventh episode of the show introduces viewers to James, a significant figure in Gwen’s life.

You must be wondering who James is as he and Gwen have a few nice moments together. Let’s see what we can find out!


Who Is James in 'Ordinary Joe' 

Who Is James in ‘Ordinary Joe’?

James is a former coworker of Gwen’s. They used to teach music at Gwen’s school together.

James asked Gwen out multiple times after her husband died, only to be disappointed each time. James transferred from Gwen’s school to City Conservatory in order to pursue his dream profession.

Gwen met James after Joe graduated from Syracuse University to recommend him for an audition at the conservatory.

She also expressed her concern that Joe, like his father, would become a police officer and that she would lose her son as a result.

James maintained contact with Gwen even after joining the conservatory. While discussing Joe’s future, he asked her out again.

Gwen didn’t keep her word, despite the fact that he had received confirmation at the moment. After years apart, James reappears in Gwen’s life as she receives an award at her school.

Both of them express their delight at reuniting at the concert after such a long time.

Gwen has a trustworthy and understanding companion in James. When Christopher Kimbreau Sr. died on 9/11, his presence was critical for the mother and son.

Despite the rejections, James accepts Gwen’s offer to the concert and enjoys a fantastic evening with her.

James is played by Ezra Knight, who is well known for his role as Judge Sydney Everett/Tyler Epps on ‘Law & Order.’

Are Gwen and James Dating

Do Gwen and James Still Together?

Gwen and James are not a couple. Gwen, on the other hand, recommends a coffee date with James when he invites her out for dinner in Officer Joe‘s timeline.

A vivacious Gwen also suggests that having coffee together could be the start of a future life together.

Gwen invites James out to dinner in the Nurse Joe timeline, and James enthusiastically accepts. As a result, we can hope that the two of them will figure out a way to live together.

Gwen was still grieving the death of her husband when James contacted her with his intentions.

The infant of Joe and Jenny, as well as Jenny’s responsibility to care for them, came next. Gwen, on the other hand, has moved on from her husband’s death and her familial responsibilities after ten years.

She can consider her own life, and James’ presence may assist her in living it brightly and joyously.

Gwen’s initial hesitancy is overcome by James’ perseverance and willingness to share his life with her.

Despite the long wait, he finally obtains Gwen’s confirmation, for which he had waited ten years. Gwen recognises James’ importance and value, as her animated face demonstrates, and we can only hope that the two of them will fill the vacuum in each other’s life.