The Girl from Plainville: Is ‘Cassie Wilkins’ Based on Michelle Carter’s Real-Life Schoolmate?

Is Cassie Wilkins Michelle Carter’s Real Schoolmate

Is Cassie Wilkins Based on Michelle Carter’s Real Schoolmate? Let’s find out about this fact. Kylie Liya Page is introduced as Cassie Wilkins, a “friend” from Michelle’s school who doesn’t want to be there. Cassie considers herself to be a “try-hard.” Cassie eventually testifies in court against Michelle.

The “texting-suicide case” and the events surrounding Conrad Roy III’s death are explored in “The Girl from Plainville.” Conrad’s connection with Michelle Carter is explored in the first half of the Hulu miniseries, while the trial against her is explored in the second half.

Michelle’s high school classmate Cassie Wilkins appears several times in both portions of the story. While the two appear to be excellent friends at times, Michelle appears to be distant from Cassie at other times. Given how much of the programme is based on real individuals, let’s see if Cassie Wilkins is based on a real-life Michelle Carter classmate.

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Is Cassie Wilkins Based on Michelle Carter’s Real Schoolmate

Is Cassie Wilkins a Real-life Classmate of Michelle Carter?

Kylie Liya Page plays Cassie Wilkins on the show. Cassie is contemptuous of Michelle and Conrad’s tumultuous relationship, in addition to their fluctuating friendship. As a result, Michelle chooses to communicate her concerns about Conrad possibly killing himself with Natalie rather than Cassie in episode 7. Cassie and Natalie, for example, both testified against Michelle during her trial.

Cassie Wilkins, unlike many other characters who share names and are directly inspired by real-life people, Cassie appears to be at least somewhat fabricated. During Michelle’s 2017 trial, some of her former classmates testified. Cassie Wilkins, on the other hand, was not among them.

However, it’s probable that Cassie’s character is based on a real-life acquaintance and former classmate. Cassie tells the court that she and Michelle were merely school friends who weren’t particularly close in the series.

Michelle’s former classmates, Samantha Boardman and Lexie Eblan testified as witnesses during the real trial. When questioned if she ever hung out with Michelle outside of school, the latter stated that she couldn’t recall a time when they did.

It’s probable that Cassie’s persona is loosely based on Lexie Eblan, given that Samantha seemed to be closer to Michelle and, at least in part, inspired the character of Natalie. Samantha and Lexie did, in fact, spend the week of Conrad’s death at Michelle’s house for a sleepover. Michelle is regularly seen with Natalie and Cassie on the show, including spending time in each other’s houses.

During the trial, it was also revealed that Michelle texted Lexie about Conrad’s disappearance while conversing with him and wondering when he was ready to do “it.” This echoes a moment from the show in which Michelle informs Cassie and Natalie that Conrad is missing despite the fact that she is in contact with him.

As a result, it looks that Cassie Wilkins is partially made up and partly based on Michelle Carter’s old classmate Lexie Eblan. Parts of the story are dramatised, and Cassie appears to be one of those dramatised characters, serving as a loose stand-in for a real former acquaintance of Michelle Carter.

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