Better Call Saul: Is Gustavo “Gus” Fring Gay or Straight?

Is Gustavo Gus Fring Gay or Straight1

Is Gustavo “Gus” Fring Gay or Straight? – While other characters are the main focus of both “Breaking Bad” and its precursor “Better Call Saul,” Gustavo “Gus” Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) plays a crucial part in both shows. He is the owner of the successful Los Pollos Hermanos chain of fried chicken eateries. He transports cocaine from Mexico to the US while working covertly for the cartel. He kills his Mexican cartel bosses later in “Breaking Bad,” ostensibly to exact revenge for the passing of his comrade Max Arciniega (James Martinez). There have been rumors that Gus and Max had a love relationship. What you need to know about it is listed below.

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Is Gus Fring Gay in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Is Gustavo “Gus” Fring Gay or Straight?

Fans have been curious about Gus’ sexuality since the ‘Breaking Bad’ episode ‘Hermanos’ (season 4 episode 8) aired. In the 1980s, after starting to give away free samples of the pure meth that Max had made to Cartel members, Gus and Max encounter Don Eladio, the cartel’s leader, in the book. Gus thought of this strategy because he thought it would be the most straightforward approach to get Eladio’s attention.

Although not in their desired manner, their antics caught Eladio’s attention. He was enraged at them for selling within his jurisdiction without his consent. While Max was attempting to defend Gus’ conduct, he ordered Hector Salamanca to kill Max. Eladio then informs Juan Bolsa that Gus is only still alive due to his past in Chile as Juan Bolsa continues to hold Gus down.

Both AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and Better Call Saul make it increasingly apparent how Max’s passing has shaped Gus’ behavior in the years since. Max was a native of the Chilean slums of Santiago. He met Gus at one point or another. Even Max’s chemistry studies at the Universidad of Santiago de Chile were funded by the latter. Together, they created Los Pollos Hermanos. Gus is often calm and stoic. Nevertheless, his absolute anguish, pain, and vulnerability in the wake of Max’s passing spoke volumes about their bond.

But like most things in this make-believe world, these indications of Gus and Max’s friendship were understated until season 6 episode 9, “Fun and Games.” Gus attends a restaurant after seeing Eladio, Bolsa, and Hector and escaping Hector’s charges that he killed Lalo. There, he quickly notices the sommelier, David (Reed Diamond). The two men’s familiarity with one another is soon obvious.

Surprisingly animated, their talk centers on wine and European travel. There are enough hints in the scene to convince the viewer that Gus is not acting kindly and cordial with his cartel subordinates or employees in this situation. He is genuinely pleased to be here and talk with David about wine and travel.

This is probably the last confirmation of Gus’ sexuality we will hear since “Better Call” is soon to come to an end. Although it may not be much, it is sufficient. Both the scene’s finish and its sparseness are an incredible fit for the character. David nearly accepts Gus’ invitation to share a $5,000 bottle of wine with him, but Gus quickly recalls who he is.

The vicious crime boss reappears from within Gus while David has gone off to get a bottle of Guigal to display to him, putting an end to all hope. Gus then turns around and walks away, realizing who he has become once more.

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