Is “Last Seen Alive” (2022) Based on a True Story or a Book?

Is Last Seen Alive Based on a True Story or a Book

Is “Last Seen Alive” (2022) Movie Based on a True Story or a Book? – The 2022 American action-thriller movie “Last Seen Alive is directed by Brian Goodman and written by Marc Frydman. Russell Hornsby, Jaimie Alexander, and Gerard Butler, who also produced the movie, all appear in it. The movie, also known as Chase, centres on a man who, after starting to look for his missing wife, decides to enforce the law. On June 3, 2022, it was released in the US. It received negative reviews.

Will and Lisa, a married couple going through a challenging time in their lives, are the story’s centre. But as Lisa inexplicably vanishes on the way to her parent’s house, Will must act quickly to find his wife. Numerous poignant moments in the gripping kidnapping thriller keep viewers interested in Will’s search for Lisa. Whether the story is based on a true event or a book must therefore be on viewers’ minds. Let’s discuss everything we know about the inspiration for “Last Seen Alive” in that case.

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Is Last Seen Alive a true story

Is “Last Seen Alive” Movie Based on a True Story or a Novel?

NO, the “Last Seen Alive” is not based on a true story. Claire Douglas released a book with the same name in 2017. The storyline of the book centres on Libby and her husband, Jamie. The pair is going through a trying time in their marriage and switching homes. However, things turn sinister when Libby discovers sinister truths about her new house. The only similarities between the novel and the movie are the title and the main couple’s strained relationship. The Claire Douglas book is not adapted for the Brian Goodman film. Instead, the movie is based on a screenplay from scratch that author Marc Frydman wrote.

Based on a novel idea he came up with, Frydman wrote the screenplay for the movie. Frydman stated in an interview that he wanted to write a narrative that called for a novel and distinctive approach to filmmaking. Additionally, he wanted the film’s aesthetic to fit the thriller subgenre. Frydman consequently considered writing a screenplay that would call for a brief shooting schedule and a few locations while giving room for improvisation. Frydman, however, sought to give the tale a sentimental and individual touch. According to the scriptwriter, the film’s actions should feel realistic, and the plot should seem plausible to anyone. He finally decided to include the elements of an affair and kidnapping.

Is Last Seen Alive Based on a True Story or a Novel

While the story and characters in the movie are largely original, there are significant similarities to George Sluizer’s 1988 thriller “The Vanishing.” The Golden Egg, written by Dutch novelist Tim Krabbé, was initially published in 1984 and is the basis for the movie. The 1998 movie, like “Last Seen Alive,” centres on a guy looking for his missing lover. The main pair in the film isn’t married, though. The plot takes place over several years, and the motivations of the individuals vary as well. It is, therefore, safe to claim that “Last Seen Alive” is uninspired by “The Vanishing.” However, the superficial parallels between the two movies draw attention to the clichés of the abduction thriller subgenre.

The movie “Last Sen Alive” is ultimately not based on a real event. The movie is not based on a book, but it has some elements in common with “The Vanishing” from 1988. Nevertheless, screenwriter Marc Frydman created the movie from scratch. It tells a made-up tale about Will looking for his wife, Lisa after she vanished. It has a realistic approach to the abduction thriller subgenre and is founded on the emotional connection between the protagonist and his wife. As a result, the audience continues to be invested in his quest to find his wife, giving the movie a sense of realism.

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