The Playboy Murders on ID: James Alan Arthur Murder and How Did James Lindberg Die?

James Alan Arthur Murder

James Alan Arthur Murder and How Did James Lindberg Die? – In October 1991, James Arthur was discovered dead in his pickup outside of his apartment complex in Bellefontaine, Ohio. They questioned whether his marriage to Stacy Arthur, a former Playboy model and January 1991 Playmate of the Month, was related to the gruesome murder. The Playboy Murders Season 1 Episode 2 “All That Glitters is a documentary on Investigation Discovery that examines the gruesome murders and the police investigation into them. Let’s investigate this further to learn more, shall we?

Official Synopsis:

Soon after becoming a pageant sensation, a Playboy cover model starts talking intimately with her newfound fan base over the phone. However, while competing for playmate of the year, one fan’s obsessive behavior brings her entire world crashing down.

Airdate: Monday January 30, 2023 on Investigation Discovery

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How Did James Alan Arthur Die

What Really Happened to James Alan Arthur?

James Alan Arthur was a pillar of the community and was mainly recognized as the husband of Stacy Arthur. The latter, who was awarded Mrs. Ohio in 1990 and featured in the January 1991 issue of “Playboy” magazine as the Playmate of the Month, described her husband as a kind, kind, and outgoing man who was always ready to meet new people. James did everything he could to support and encourage her during her time as a model, and he was never envious of her success, according to the former model. Stacy was heartbroken by the loss of her spouse, whom she described as “the wing beneath her wings.”

On October 29, 1991, tenants of an apartment building near Bellefontaine observed an unknown individual. Some of his neighbours later hypothesised that he was suffering from mental illness based on his want to meet James. James, on the other hand, had a completely normal morning and took a short automobile drive. As the victim drove out of the complex, an unidentified assailant attacked him and shot him twice in the back with a revolver.

James was struck by two bullets to the face and hand, although he still exited the vehicle and fled. The stranger fired two extra rounds into the back of the victim, who slumped to the ground and bled to death. The gunfire obviously startled the complex’s residents, who dialled 911 when they saw James lying in the street in a pool of blood. Sadly, it was too late, and his passing was confirmed. Four bullet wounds were discovered during the examination of the body.

Who Killed James Alan Arthur

Who Killed James Alan Arthur and Why?

Two witnesses to the murder of James have come forward to state that they saw the murderer flee to a neighbouring parking lot, providing an exciting opening to the investigation. They feared for the safety of others after hearing additional shooting in the parking lot, according to reports. However, when authorities examined the lead, they discovered a man, later identified as James Lindberg, who had committed himself by shooting himself in the head.

Lindberg was conscious, so officers transported him to a hospital, but he was unable to answer any questions. The authorities discovered that he was a subscriber to “Playboy” because he routinely dialed the 900 number offered in the magazine. He had previously made a similar remark to Stacy, indicating that he had formed feelings for her.

The former model claimed that Lindberg was very friendly and supportive to her husband in their correspondence. Stacy continued by stating that the man continually showered her and their children with presents. The authorities were taken aback when they discovered that Lindberg had met James the day before the murder but had not displayed any hostile intent.

How Did Killer James Lindberg Die?

James Alan Arthur was brutally murdered on the evening of October 29, 1991; immediately following the murder, James Lindberg ran to a nearby parking lot and shot himself. Lindberg was discovered suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in the parking lot after locals alerted authorities to the sound of the shooting. Even though he was alive and rushed to a nearby hospital, his injuries were too severe to save him. With Lindberg’s death that day, they were able to close the investigation.

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