Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman Murders: Where is Ryan Michael McGuire Now?

Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman Murders

Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman Murders – The killings of two neighbors in Baltimore, Cindy Testerman, and Judy Slebzak, will be detailed in the Investigation Discovery episode The Murder Tapes: Two Neighbors.” Cindy Testerman, age 62, was savagely murdered at her home in the 7900 block of Roseland Avenue. The cedar trunk contained Judy Slebzak’s body, which was discovered by Baltimore County police.

Because Cindy Testerman’s murderer used a sharp object to kill her, her death was deemed to be a homicide. Judy Slebzak, on the other hand, passed away due to a severe attack with a sharp object. If you want to learn more about this case and their killer, keep reading below.

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How Did Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman Die

How Did Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman Die?

On June 24, 2018, the night before her birthday, Cindy Testerman, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, was discovered unresponsive in the kitchen of her Rosedale home. When he noticed the situation, her son Robert located her and dialed 911.

Her death was ruled a “homicide by trauma inflicted by an edged weapon” by first responders who arrived on the scene.

Cindy reportedly suffered stab wounds to her chest and neck. In addition, the Baltimore County police said that several of Cindy’s pricey goods, including her 2013 Honda Accord, were missing. Police discovered after an inquiry that her home had been robbed.

The investigators’ line of inquiry led them to Judy Elizabeth Slebzak’s home across the street from Cindy’s neighbor. An autopsy on the 66-year-old discovered inside a cedar trunk revealed that she had been brutally murdered with a sharp weapon.

Who Killed Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman

Who Killed Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman?

Detectives could identify the perpetrator quickly because Cindy Testerman’s doorbell video only captured one individual entering her home. According to Sportskeeda, Ryan McGuire, Slebzak’s 32-year-old stepson, was the only person to enter her home before her murder, and he quickly emerged as the main suspect in the double homicide.

Authorities started searching for Cindy’s missing automobile, which was momentarily discovered in a Baltimore hotel, where they also found Ryan. They discovered Ryan in possession of several pricey missing items from Cindy’s house.

Ryan, who was living with his stepmother at the time of the killings, admitted to committing both slayings.

Jennifer Peach, a County police spokesman, said, “Because we were able to see that person (go) into her home and then left her home, went directly across the street, we were able to see which home he was going to and from.”

Where is Ryan Michael McGuire Today?

According to Stacy Amparo, Baltimore County’s Assistant State’s Attorney, “no words can adequately express the heinousness” of Ryan’s actions. Ryan claimed that Testerman was “asking too many questions” and that he intended to kill her. He claimed to have slain his “nosy neighbour” on June 23 and then fled with her belongings and car.

According to police spokesperson Peach, McGuire killed Testerman because she questioned him about his stepmother and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

After entering a plea agreement, Ryan McGuire was found guilty of two first-degree murder charges, including Cindy Testerman’s, and given two consecutive life sentences in prison.

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