The Rookie: Is Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) Leaving the Show?

Is Bailey (Jenna Dewan) Leaving the The Rookie

Is Bailey (Jenna Dewan) Leaving the “The Rookie?” – The forty-year-old John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department, is the subject of Alexi Hawley’s television series The Rookie. It is based on William Norcross, a real-life LAPD officer who came to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the force when he was in his mid-40s.

Tim Bradford is portrayed in the show by Eric Winter, Lucy Chen is portrayed by Melissa O’Neil, Angela Lopez is portrayed by Alyssa Diaz, and Wade Grey is portrayed by Richard T. Jones. Nyla Harper is portrayed by Mekia Cox, Wesley Evers by Shawn Ashmore, Aaron Thorsen by Tru Valentino, and Bailey Nune is reprised by Jenna Dewan.

In seasons 3 and the first half of season 4, as well as the second half of season 4 and the fifth season of ABC’s series The Rookie, Bailey Nune appears frequently. Jenna Dewan plays the role of her. Is Jenna Dewan quitting The Rookie? Is Bailey Nune, who she played, dead? Let’s investigate.

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Is Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) Leaving the The Rookie

Who Is Bailey Nune?

In addition to being a reserve member of the Army National Guard and a capoeira instructor, Bailey works as a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department (a dance fighting discipline). She initially meets John Nolan when he gives her the spare key his neighbours Ronnie and Dylan provided him after he is locked out of the house where she is dog-sitting for them.

When Lopez and Evers’ wedding is called off, John travels to Guatemala with other police officers to rescue Lopez, and Bailey is not seen again until season 4, episode 2, “Five Minutes.” She accepts John’s invitation to go out with her after he runs into her at a crime scene and expresses regret over not keeping in touch more.

Instead of dining at a luxury restaurant that evening, the two decide to follow a robbery suspect, and Bailey spends the night with John. When her stationmate is shopping at the grocery store, she texts John to tell him she won’t be going out with him again, but John turns there and encourages her not to give up on them so quickly.

In “Red Hot,” John learns that Bailey is a Lieutenant in the Army Reserve, and in “Fire Fight,” she tells him that she was in gymnastics all through high school and college. In “In the Line of Fire,” Bailey reads John and Lucy the riot act about entering a burning building and says, “You don’t see us running toward gunfire.”

In “Breakdown,” John mentions to Lucy that he’s thinking about proposing to Bailey. He takes Bailey to a restaurant with outdoor seating for two, where they both admit to being in love with each other, but before John can continue the conversation, a man comes over to say hello to Bailey and informs John that he’s Bailey’s husband. Bailey stays at John’s house while she recovers after being seriously injured.

Jason plants cocaine in Bailey’s car and gets her arrested for drug possession, which could end Bailey’s career and standing in her profession; after the man leaves, Bailey admits to John that she’s been trying to divorce the man, Jason Wyler, for over a year; Jason was emotionally abusive and manipulative and she didn’t expect him to be released for two more years. John and Bailey end up asking Oscar Hutchinson for advice on dealing with narcissist psychopaths, and with.

In “Real Crime,” when asked if she believed Aaron had murdered his reality show’s producer, she claims he would never do such a thing; however, her certainty is called into question given that he is her ex-husband, which takes her by surprise and causes her to admit that perhaps she is not the best judge of character.

Is Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) Leaving the “The Rookie?”

We’re happy to inform that there are currently no rumours circulating about Jenna quitting The Rookie anytime soon. Jenna joined the show at the conclusion of Season 3, and she was elevated from guest star to series regular for Season 4.

The Rookie showrunner Alexi Hawley said of Jenna, “We love [Jenna] and we’re using her a lot,” in an interview with TVLine prior to the start of Season 4. “I love that [Bailey] is basically a Swiss Army knife of careers and jobs. So we will see her as a firefighter, we’ll see her do a little fighting from her capoeira instruction, and at some point we’ll see her as an Army re.

Does Bailey Nune Die?

Does Bailey (Jenna Dewan) Die in “The Rookie”?

During the Oct. 16 episode, Bailey goes out on a firefighting call only to fall — quite literally — into a trap that Rosalind had set up. In the episode, Bailey lands in a steel tank lidded by an electrified grate that kills one of the other firefighters, then spikes come up from the floor of the tank, and water starts flooding the space.

Is there going to be any anger there since Bailey felt she was going to die and Nolan could have done something sooner? Bailey is sure to find out that Nolan wouldn’t sacrifice his own values to save her.

Dewan is a huge star in the series and she is wanted for other roles. Could this be the end of Bailey? I hope not as I love having the firefighter perspective in a cop show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the end of another relationship for Nolan. Right now, there is nothing to say Dewan is no longer a series regular, but we know characters can leave shows at any point.

ABC broadcasts The Rookie every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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