London Has Fallen (2016) Movie Review And Ending Explained

London Has Fallen (2016) Movie Review

The 2016 action thriller film ‘London Has Fallen,’ directed by Iranian-Swedish director Babak Najafi, packs an explosive punch if you are ready to take it.

After the 2013 film ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ this is the second episode in the ‘Has Fallen’ trilogy. Following the death of the British prime minister, US President Benjamin Asher and his entourage fly to London to attend the burial.

However, civilian life in the city comes to a halt as an army of terrorists unleashes startling pandemonium. Aamir Barkawi, a criminal genius, accepts responsibility and promises to assassinate US President Barack Obama on live television.

While the British suspect illegal activity on the inside, Banning is tasked with protecting Asher from the horde of terrorists.

The movie is a blockbuster in every sense of the word, with twists and turns galore and a star-studded cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, and Gerard Butler.

Let us now analyse the final minutes one by one if you want to follow the fast-paced finish in greater depth.


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London Has Fallen Plot and Synopsis

‘London Has Fallen’ (2016) Movie Plot Synopsis

Aamir Barkawi, a mastermind terrorist and worldwide arms dealer who is on the Global Most Wanted List, attends his daughter’s wedding.

In the meantime, G8 intelligence detects a signal from the area and launches a drone strike. Barkawi and his daughter both appear to be dead.

The tale picks up two years after the prologue. The death of British Prime Minister James Wilson has cast a pall over international affairs, with political leaders from the G7 attending his funeral. With each country’s own security staff, the event quickly becomes a spectacle.

The funeral is portrayed in the media as the most secure occasion on the planet. The US president, Benjamin Asher, is among the dignitaries, but Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs understands how difficult it would be to protect him.

So she coordinates the itinerary with the President’s personal bodyguard, Mike Banning, from Stansted Airport to Somerset House via a 12-minute Marine One ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where the burial ceremony will take place.

Unfortunately, because their plates are already full, the British are unable to provide further security. Later, we learn that the security services are home to a slew of uniformed terrorists.

The action begins as President Obama arrives at Somerset House and shakes hands with Prime Minister Clarkson. Uniformed gunners begin shooting rounds at civilians before they can assess the severity of the impact.

We observe horrific explosions on St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and the Chelsea Bridge not long after. While on a visit of Buckingham Palace, Italian Prime Minister Antonio Gusto dies.

Tsutomu Nakushima, the Japanese Prime Minister, suffers a similar fate while caught in traffic after the bridge explosion.

As the vice president assumes command of the situation from the White House, Benjamin Asher and Mike Banning must now withstand the damage on the ground in order to survive the chaos.

London Has Fallen Ending

Is The President Going To Die At The End of ‘London Has Fallen’ Movie

The President’s protection is a top issue for Mike Banning and most US officials. As a result, Banning transports the President to an MI6 safe house managed by Jacquelin “Jax” Marshall immediately after the attack.

They receive a communication from the vice president at the haven, who informs them that a delta team is on its way to rescue the President.

They discover a delta force outside the safe home perimeter within 30 minutes after receiving the message.

However, a legitimate delta force would not be able to reach the area in such a short amount of time, leading Banning to believe that their site had been compromised.

Banning and Asher, on the other hand, manage to flee the safe house after discovering a bulletproof car in the garage. They are almost to a secure area when they are T-boned by a truck.

The terrorists kidnap Asher and take him to a construction site. Mike, on the other hand, catches up with the true delta force and arrives at the destination.

It’s already eight o’clock, and Kamran Barkawi, Aamir Barkawi’s son, is attempting to put Asher to death. Mike, on the other hand, arrives just in time.

They depart the site after a firefight. Mike begs the delta force captain to charge the explosives he placed on a pipe earlier when they are surrounded.

While the building is engulfed in flames, Mike and Asher take a leap of faith through the elevator shaft. Finally, the Delta Force checks the rubble and discovers the President alive and well.

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London Has Fallen (2016) Movie Ending Explained

‘London Has Fallen’ Movie Ending Explained: Is Aamir Barkawi Alive or Dead?

With the help of Mike Banning’s inventiveness, the Delta team successfully rescues the President. However, near the end of the film, Barkawi makes a phone call to Vice President Allan Trumbull, threatening that the war will continue.

Aamir’s desire for vengeance has grown as the US drones have killed his daughter and now Kamran. Trumbull, on the other hand, requests that he look up into the sky. Aamir mentally prepares himself for the impending doom as he gazes up at the sky.

Trumbull, who had been waiting for Barkawi’s call (or, more accurately, for the call to be traced to Barkawi’s position), orders the drone to fire.

The drone explodes in Barkawi’s lair, killing him and the majority of his guards. As a result, Barkawi is almost certain to die in the attack.

Does Benjamin Asher Leave His Presidency

Will Benjamin Asher Resign as President? Is Mike Leaving His Job?

Both Benjamin and Mike are unharmed in the terrorist attack. In the final scene of the film, we see Mike at home with his wife and their baby girl, whom he has named Lynne after the late Secret Service Director.

According to the half-written letter on his laptop, Banning is considering leaving the military. Allan Trumbull, on the other hand, makes a national address at that point.

For the time being, Trumbull is the vice president, but in Asher’s absence, he assumes command of the administration.

However, as Allan becomes President in the third chapter of the film, we believe that Benjamin Asher eventually relinquishes his position to care for his family.

Following the tragic event, he appears to have begun to value his life and the lives of those around him over a prestigious position.

Allan, on the other hand, emphasises the importance of taking action. Because you chose not to act, you are just as culpable as the perpetrator.

Mike deletes his resignation letter after hearing the motivational speech. As a result, we do not believe Mike will leave his position, but Asher will retire sooner or later.

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