Servant Season 3 Episode 9 ‘Commitment’ Recap and Ending Explained

Servant Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained

With a simple stratagem, Tony Busgallop’s psychological horror-thriller series ‘Servant‘ generates a cerebral and sombre mood. Nobody mentions Jericho’s background, while the “ideal” baby remains the focus of attention.

Dorothy has started a new effort to get Leanne out of the Turner house by the time we get to the events of “commitment,” title of the 9th episode of season 3. She is gathering evidence to build a case against Leanne after her failed effort to enrol her in a dance school.

In the end, her efforts are for naught. Let’s take a closer look at the events of the episode and look for closure beyond the conclusion.


Recap of Servant Season 3 Episode 9

The episode picks off just where the previous one left off, with an explosive turn of events. Dorothy has not left Jericho, and Isabelle has died. She’s stunned, and Leanne cryptically claims that she merely wanted to help.

Dorothy is perplexed, and she becomes increasingly fearful of Leanne’s presence in the house. Frank departs with his coquettish girlfriend Kourtney, who may become ill as a result of watching the live broadcast.

Leanne mends the kettle with Julian, saddened by the lack of drugs, while Dorothy watches them on the security camera.

Dorothy keeps Jericho to herself and refuses to allow Sean to prepare her breakfast. Instead, she eats the cornflakes, which are swarming with maggots. We’ve observed larvae in the wine cellar before, and the pattern can be traced back to Aunt Josephine’s death.

Dorothy discovers a sketch of Leanne from behind, with a splash of crimson in the centre, while digging through Leanne’s diary and bible. Dorothy photographs all of the evidence and emails it to her father, Frank Pearce. Dr. Dale McKenzie, a psychiatrist and golfer, is one of his friends.

Dorothy tells her father that Leanne is a danger to herself and others because she confuses reality and fantasy. She promises her father that she would do everything she can to persuade Leanne to see the doctor.

While bathing Jericho the next morning, Dorothy implores Leanne to attend a combined therapy session with the doctor. She does, however, abandon Leanne in front of the doctor.

Julian feels tense, so he dials Sean’s number from his office to inform him of the doctor’s visit. Frank also shows up at the Turners, revealing that he has come to assess Dorothy.

Servant Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Who Is Dale McKenzie in Servant Season 3 Episode 9?

Dr. Dale McKenzie appears to be there to assess Dorothy rather than Leanne. Frank is the least concerned about Leanne, but as a parent, he is concerned for his daughter.

Despite Sean’s dissuasion, Dorothy has begun a paranoid campaign against Leanne after she took Jericho to meet the homeless kids.

This episode brings Dorothy’s paranoia to a head, with the doctor finally addressing the elephant in the room. Julian seemed to be familiar with the doctor, even loathing him to some level.

Dr. Dale McKenzie is a well-known psychiatrist and Frank Pearce’s golf partner. Julian also brings up a past interaction with the doctor, telling Dorothy that going to the doctor is a poor decision.

As a result, if we add two and two, Dorothy may have met with the doctor previously during one of her manic episodes. Dorothy’s father, on the other hand, assures her that they only want what is best for her.

Frank and Dale are particularly worried about Jericho, who the doctor believes Dorothy is overly attached to. We’ve witnessed Dorothy’s fixation with Jericho build throughout the course of the previous episodes. But, at the end of the day, it’s Dorothy’s child, no matter how elusive.

Sean arrives just in time, and Leanne descends the stairwell. Leanne assures Frank that Dorothy is a wonderful mother and that she leaves Jericho with her on occasion. They finally see the validity in Leanne’s reasoning, and they decide to move Dorothy away from Jericho and her home.

Dorothy is prescribed Trazodone (an antidepressant medicine) by her doctor to assist her to fall asleep. The doctor departs with Frank, emphasising the importance of their commitment. Dorothy does not leave the Turner home, but she does have a nervous breakdown in the restroom.

Servant Season 3 Episode 9 Recap And Ending Explained

Is Dorothy Sick in Servant Season 3 Episode 9?

Dorothy has a mental disability, which is obvious from the start. Even though Julian had always suspected Dorothy of having anger issues, everything were well until the original Jericho died.

She, on the other hand, went insane after the encounter. Before going to Natalie Gorman, Julian’s unlicensed kinesthesiologist acquaintance, they likely tried Dr. Dale. Natalie was the one who suggested a doll to Sean and Julian, which Leanne filled with false life.

The turn of events, on the other hand, would be far too surreal, and anyone in her place would mix illusion and reality. To make matters worse, Dorothy has suppressed Jericho’s death. If we ask Dorothy why she hides so much, the answer may come from her ego.

Dorothy had previously ignored the doctor’s request to disable a car alarm, which resulted in Jericho’s death. Guilt and shame may be two feelings that cause her to conceal memories, resulting in her manic behaviour.

Dorothy is adamant on making Leanne go, even after the events of the eighth episode. Dorothy unconsciously expresses her dissatisfaction when she mentions her father Leanne’s problems.

Her denial of trauma, manic episodes, and paranoia could point to a slew of psychological roadblocks. Some persons with bipolar disorder have memory problems, and people who have been through trauma are more likely to develop the disorder.

As a result, based on Dorothy’s high and low energy waves, there’s a slim likelihood she’s bipolar. We can only hope that Dorothy heeds Julian’s advice and makes amends with Leanne.

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