What’s the Story behind Sarma Melngailis’ Ring? Was it Really that Costly?

Sarma Melngailis Net Worth

There’s no disputing that Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.‘ is a storey about lies, greed, and manipulation from the perspective of the characters, but it’s also undeniable that luxury is at the forefront.

After all, despite the fact that Anthony Strangis allegedly encouraged his then-partner Sarma Melngailis to steal thousands of euros from her employees and investors, he lived a lavish lifestyle himself.

According to the series, the gambling addict purportedly did anything with extra cash in hand, from riding about in a Bentley to possessing a small manilla envelope full of jewels, from buying a Rolex to splurging on extravagant holidays.

So, if you’re curious about Sarma’s rings in particular, including where they came from and whether they were truly worth such a high price, here’s everything we know about them.

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Are Sarma and Anthony Still Together

Where Is Sarma Melngailis’ Rings?

Sarma Melngailis, a restauranteur, had no interest in seeing Anthony Strangis (or Shane Fox, as she knew him at the time) again for a brief period in 2012, just a few months after they first met.

However, he was able to entice her back into his orbit with a thoughtful roundtrip from New York to New Hampshire only to pick her up from her mother’s house, after which things looked to improve.

According to the documentary, the then-queen of vegan food felt as if Anthony understood her objectives in a way no one else had, “that this is what was intended to be happening,” so she couldn’t drive him away.

That’s why she didn’t mind when he invited her to meet him at Tiffany & Co. one day, despite the fact that diamonds aren’t her thing, as they are for millions of women throughout the world.

On the “special floor where they serve you champagne,” he made Sarma try on many rings, one of which cost an incredible $800,000.

Sarma did ask her boyfriend what they were doing in the premium store, to which he just replied, “just tell me what you want in here,” according to the Netflix original. She informed Anthony she loved him at The St. Regis hotel on the same day, and they began looking at townhouses together soon after, before marrying in late 2012.

We can’t even explain how it appears, let alone compute its estimated cost, because their wedding was a “non-event,” in her father’s words, and Sarma was always careful not to show off her ring in public.

'Raw Food Real World' (2005)

All we know from ‘Bad Vegan‘ is that Sarma would often cover up her wedding bands with one of her own, implying that she didn’t want others to know she was married and presumably didn’t enjoy them.

The former, as seen above, is quite the statement piece, with hanging charms signifying her Latvian origin, which is likely why she boldly exhibited it on the cover of her cookbook ‘Raw Food/Real World’ (2005).

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