Snowpiercer: Is Asha Alive or Dead? Is ‘Archie Panjabi’ Leaving the Show?

Is Asha Alive or Dead in 'Snowpiercer'

In season 3 of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series “Snowpiercer,” Layton meets Asha in an underground nuclear reactor in North Korea, and he grows hopeful about life outside the Snowpiercer.

Layton creates a lie with Asha’s help, claiming that if humanity’s remnants choose to migrate to New Eden, they would be able to colonise the planet Earth.

Layton is inspired to become the Snowpiercer’s messiah by Asha’s presence and her fight to stay alive. Fans of the programme are concerned about Archie Panjabi’s future in the show after the eighth episode of season 3 finishes with a shocking development about Asha’s fate.

So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know!


Is Asha Dead or Alive

Is Asha Alive or Dead in ‘Snowpiercer’?

When Wilford discovers that Melanie may still be alive, Layton and the others decide to reroute the Snowpiercer in order to locate the engineer. In the form of hazardous volcanic gas, their new path poses a significant threat.

Despite Wilford’s assurances to Layton that the train is perfectly equipped to withstand the gas, a breach occurs in the agriculture car, allowing the gas to infiltrate the train.

Layton and Asha go to the car to reduce the gap, but Layton runs into a little window that he can’t close. He decides to remove his safety suit because he knows it will get in the way.

When Asha decides she can’t let Layton die, she exits her costume and walks down the window to close the gap. As the Snowpiercer’s passengers hope to arrive in New Eden, Asha realises that Layton should still be alive to lead them.

She recognises the importance of Layton’s life and chooses to sacrifice herself for the greater welfare of the Snowpiercer’s people. Asha closes the gap and stops the gas from spreading, but she dies when she inhales it.

Since Asha has passed away, one would wonder if Panjabi’s tenure on the show has come to an end. Let’s see what we can find out!

Is Archie Panjabi Planning to Leave 'Snowpiercer'

Is Archie Panjabi Planning to Leave ‘Snowpiercer’?

After a protracted battle with the ice, Asha boards the Snowpiercer. Even for her, her existence becomes meaningless after her nephew’s death. Her encounter with Layton, on the other hand, lays the road for her to become a beacon of hope for humanity’s survivors.

Because of Layton’s intervention, her life becomes significant, and she sacrifices it for Layton and the other train passengers.

Although neither TNT nor Archie Panjabi has issued a statement regarding Asha’s departure, the character’s death suggests that the actor may have had her final episode on the show.

Because the Snowpiercer is so close to New Eden, Asha completes her job by assisting Layton in leading the train to the Arabian warm area, completing the character’s journey.

As Layton and others wait for Melanie, the third season might end with the repercussions of the engineer’s possible return to the train she created, without giving Asha much of a role in the storey.

Asha’s death could also be a plot device for Layton to realise the severity of his responsibility, especially when she sacrifices herself to spare his life so that he can lead the others. Panjabi is unlikely to return to the show in light of these prospects.

Death, however, is a complicated subject in ‘Snowpiercer.’ We may even see Panjabi as Asha return in the future if the narrative requires it, similar to how Josie or Kevin returned to life after seemingly dying in past seasons of the show.

In the same way that Melanie appears in Alex’s visions, Asha may emerge in Layton’s visions, allowing Panjabi to appear on the show in the future.