Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches – Where to Watch and Stream Online

Where To Watch Mayfair Witches

Where To Watch Mayfair Witches Online – Mayfair Witches, a supernatural thriller drama on AMC, exposes women and their resonating experiences across eras as they face off against the entitled, gross, deceitful men that are an inevitable part of patriarchal cultures. This also means that “Mayfair Witches” features a tonne of background information; there is even a look into the Mayfair women in the 1600s, albeit it just slightly advances the main plot.

Despite having some style that includes the ubiquitous presence of dark teal and more opulent New Orleans production design from Rice’s growing T.V. universe, there is a crucial thrill needed for the current and main chapter of Mayfair legend that needs to be added here. But no tale about a person discovering their witch ancestors and the covert organization created to keep them safe could sound so false.

The authors of this fantasy series, Michelle Ashford and Esta Spalding, based it on the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy by Anne Rice. The series’ individual books have spent weeks on The New York Times Bestseller list, and the eagerly anticipated television adaptation could enjoy a similar level of success.

Rowan Fielding (played by Alexandra Daddario), a neurosurgeon, learns that she is descended from an ancient, magical bloodline in both the books and the new television series. The evil ghost Lasher, who has been terrorising her family for years, must then be defeated by her and her allies.

Although the series premiere on January 8, 2023, was met with mixed reviews, it has gained notice for its dark interpretation of witchcraft and its determination to have more sex, violence, and horror than American Horror Story.

Where Can I Watch Mayfair Witches Online?

As it airs, there are a few places you might be able to find Mayfair Witches. The quickest route is via AMC+. You can also stream full episodes on Prime Video and The Roku Channel.

On Sunday nights at 9 PM ET, AMC airs brand-new episodes for those who have access but don’t want to stream.

Mayfair Witches is also available for purchase on Vudu.

The Mayfair Witches Series Has How Many Books?

The Lives of the Mayfair Witches book series consists of three novels by Anne Rice. The book, The Witching Hour, focuses on Rowan’s investigation into her family’s past and her developing romance with Michael Curry. The show’s entire first season is anticipated to be centered on this.

The guys in the series are the main subject of the second book in the series, Lasher, as they try to comprehend Lasher’s motivations. The trilogy comes to a close with Taltos, in which the Mayfair family considers the potential for new people like Lasher to join them as well as the future of their bloodline.

Who Plays the Cast of “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches”?

Rowan Fielding is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario

Rowan Fielding is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

Dr. Rowan Fielding, the main character of Mayfair Witches, is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario. Dr. Fielding inherits the Mayfair family money after learning of the passing of her estranged mother.

Fantasy is nothing new to Daddario, who launched her acting career by portraying Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson movies. She has since played a variety of roles, from scream queen in horror films to guest star in sitcoms. Daddario received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a 2022 Emmy for one of her most recent performances as Rachel Patton in the HBO series The White Lotus‘ first season. Daddario has undoubtedly appeared in high-profile programs before, and people cannot wait to watch her enchant the screen.

Jack Huston As Lasher

Jack Huston As Lasher

The evil being Lasher, who has been bound to the Mayfairs for ages, is portrayed by Jack Huston. Although Lasher must serve the Mayfair family because of his shape-shifting abilities, his fictional version has a history of forcing witches into awful situations for his own gain. Fans of the book series will anticipate that Lasher will play a significant part in the characters from Mayfair’s downfall.

Jack Huston is well-known for his roles as Pete Musane in American Hustle and Wulfric in Outlander. It is clear from seeing Huston in his evil role in Antebellum that he is more than capable of portraying a villain.

Harry Hamlin as Cortland Mayfair

Harry Hamlin as Cortland Mayfair

Cortland Mayfair, the able patriarch who currently holds sway over the Mayfair family, is played by Harry Hamlin. His thirst for more of everything is insatiable, and he is both power- and money-hungry.

In addition to his role as Perseus in 1981’s Clash of the Titans, Hamlin is well-known for his roles as Jim Cutler on Mad Men and Michael Kuzak on L.A. LAW. Hamlin has made appearances in a number of well-known television shows, such as Law & Order, Glee, and Shameless. Hamlin is used to playing wealthy, powerful men, so his role of Cortland Mayfair appears natural.

Tongayi Chirisa As Ciprien Grieve

Tongayi Chirisa As Ciprien Grieve

Ciprien Grieve, a brand-new character created for the show, is portrayed by Tongayi Chirisa. Michael Curry and Aaron Lightner, two characters from the book series, have been combined to create Ciprien. After Michael came dangerously close to drowning, Rowan saved his life. He shares with the Mayfairs some information about Lasher, a man he once saw as a child and never forgot. There is something about the Mayfair witches that beckons to Aaron Lightner, a shadowy society member. If the T.V. program is true to the books, there may be romance as Ciprien leads Rowan through her exploration of this beautiful world in the teaser.

Annabeth Gish plays Deirdre Mayfair

Annabeth Gish plays Deirdre Mayfair

Annabeth Gish portrays Rowan’s estranged mother, Deirdre Mayfair. The book series claims that Deirdre was institutionalized due to her mental health issues and grew up in a strict, violent home. After being released from the mental institution, she gave birth to Rowan due to being raped by Cortland Mayfair. After that, she lived out the remainder of her days in silence, imprisoned in her head, till she passed away. Viewers will probably encounter Deirdre in flashbacks, backstory sequences, or even in spirit form as Rowan’s journey in the television series starts with her mother’s passing.

Beth Grant As Carlotta Mayfair

Beth Grant As Carlotta Mayfair

One of the older Mayfair witches, Carlotta Mayfair, is portrayed by Beth Grant. Stella and Antha, two of Deirdre’s sisters, died as a result of Carlotta, who also caused Deirdre to spend the majority of her later years in a coma. Viewers will be thrilled to see her represented by such a gifted and seasoned actor because she is a cruel and envious woman.


  • Rowan’s adopted mother, Elena Fielding, played by Erica Gimpel, is secretly aware of her relationship with the Mayfairs.
  • Rowan’s biological mother, Deirdre Mayfair, a disabled person tormented by the cunning Lasher, is portrayed by Annabeth Gish.
  • Josephine “Jojo” Mayfair, Cortland’s daughter, is portrayed by Jen Richards.

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