What Happened During “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 8’s Time Jump

What Happened During Fear The Walking Dead Season 8's Time Jump

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Time Jump – Fear the Walking Dead is set to return for its eighth season on AMC in October, bringing with it the thrilling story of Morgan Jones as he arrives at PADRE to rescue Baby Mo alongside Madison Clark. Audiences will have the opportunity to witness their heroic acts unfold throughout this highly anticipated season. Initially, Morgan had planned to escape with his daughter, but circumstances led him to make a crucial decision that allowed Mo to assume the identity of Wren while Morgan took on the role of a collector.

Meanwhile, Madison finds herself held captive, with PADRE regularly subjecting her daughter to blood draws without providing any explanation. The season premiere delves into the intricacies of PADRE’s society and culture, offering a comprehensive exploration that follows a significant time gap from the events of the previous season. This fresh perspective will provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the narrative. So, are you ready to embark on this captivating journey? Stay tuned as we unveil all the essential information you need to fully comprehend the gripping story that lies ahead!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8's Time Jump

What Happened in FTWD Time Jump Between Season 8 and 7?

Fear the Walking Dead” will transport viewers seven years into the future from where we last left off as Goldberg and Chambliss aim to explore life at PADRE with utmost honesty. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW), Ian Goldberg explained that they believed the most effective approach to portraying the life of a child growing up at PADRE, where loved ones were separated, was to tell the story from the perspective of someone who experienced it. Mo is an ideal character for this storyline as she was misled into believing she was Wren her entire life. In an intriguing revelation shared in EW, Goldberg also disclosed that Wren believes her entire life was a lie.

Goldberg and Chambliss meticulously calculated that there would be an approximate seven-year time gap between Zoey Merchant’s portrayal of Baby Mo in season 7 and her portrayal of Mo/Wren in season 8. Chambliss explained that this decision was based on Zoey’s age and the age of Baby Mo at the end of season seven, with some projections taken into account. Moreover, this time jump not only affects Mo/Wren but also impacts other key characters throughout season 8 as they navigate the influence of PADRE.

According to Goldberg, the time jump creates a sense of dissonance among the characters, showcasing how life at PADRE has profoundly affected both those who still interact within the community and those who have moved on. In the season eight premiere, viewers witness firsthand the consequences of this time jump as Morgan takes on the role of a child collector while Grace diligently maintains radio towers across the region.

Time jumps hold great significance in “The Walking Dead” universe, making precise timing challenging to determine. Chambliss hinted that this particular time jump will bring Fear’s characters closer to the final season and the broader timeline of “The Walking Dead.” In an interview with Insider, Chambliss clarified, “Aligning with ‘The Walking Dead’ timeline wasn’t the driving force behind our decisions; rather, it was an intentional choice we made.”

Morgan unexpectedly Returns to PADRE

In The Latest Episode, Morgan unexpectedly Returns to PADRE and Starts Working for Them Again.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 concluded dramatically as Morgan and Madison successfully rescued Mo and escaped from PADRE, although their mission was only glimpsed briefly onscreen. Unfortunately, Morgan’s attempts to traverse the treacherous swampy wastelands on the mainland proved unsuccessful, forcing him to return to PADRE with limited options remaining. Despite disagreeing with their ideologies and tactics, Morgan acknowledged that PADRE could provide Mo with essential necessities such as sustenance, shelter, and protection.

As part of their agreement, Morgan agreed to become a collector. While his efforts to maintain his integrity by seeking parental approval before taking children were successful in keeping his conscience clear, this time jump marked one of Morgan’s lowest moments on The Walking Dead. The relationship between Grace and Morgan is tested as they both fulfill their roles as collectors. They even refer to each other by their top-secret PADRE code names, establishing a professional camaraderie rather than a romantic connection at this point.

Fear The Walking Dead fans were given subtle hints in the latest episode suggesting that Morgan’s departure from PADRE may have been motivated by more than just the undesirable swampy surroundings. When Mo and their group return to the boathouse that provided shelter seven years ago, they stumble upon a graffiti-covered wall bearing a striking resemblance to the words Morgan expressed during his darkest hours in The Walking Dead season three. The wall serves as a memorial to Morgan’s late son and wife and King County, one of the iconic locations from The Walking Dead’s first season. Shockingly, Morgan may have experienced a mental breakdown during the time skip in season 8. This revelation may explain as to why he did not make another attempt to rescue his daughter from PADRE.

Fear The Walking Dead's Runtime has Revealed that PADRE has been Experimenting on Madison

Fear The Walking Dead’s Runtime has Revealed that PADRE has been Experimenting on Madison.

Fear The Walking Dead season 8 brought dramatic events when Madison made an incredible sacrifice to ensure Morgan and Mo could escape PADRE before the time skip. Armed with a gun, Madison held off their pursuers while Morgan and Mo attempted their daring escape. Madison considers her sacrifice a form of penance for her past actions of child stealing as a PADRE collector. A gripping flashback scene during the time skip shows Madison struggling with a lack of purpose in life and trying to end it herself. Madison continues to struggle with her family loss and the aftermath of her actions, which tore apart other families. Yet, she remains unaware that Alicia still lives. Kim Dickens’ portrayal of Madison indicates she believes her story may be at an end.

Fear The Walking Dead season 8’s time jump baffles viewers as PADRE takes repeated blood samples from Madison’s arm, leaving viewers to speculate what could possibly be happening. We see Mo learning about PADRE and its protocol for testing new intakes; when she questions whether multiple samples would suffice since Madison is currently confined in a cell. As it becomes evident that these experiments had darker motives—as expected in The Walking Dead universe—these attempts to end the zombie apocalypse hold significance, as her experiments ultimately aim to end it.

Three potential outcomes could take place. First, PADRE could use Madison as a test subject for an experimental drug trial, similar to what the CRM conducted in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In this scenario, Madison’s fate would hang in the balance as PADRE carefully monitors her body’s reaction to potential bites, reminiscent of Troy Otto’s terrifying experience in Fear The Walking Dead season 3. Alternatively, PADRE may believe that Madison possesses some innate immunity against infection, given her miraculous survival in Fear The Walking Dead season 7. Even though her mother struggled against infection in the final episode, Alicia appeared to be unaffected by the infection, thanks to her daughter Alicia fighting off zombie virus exposure in Fear The Walking Dead season 7.

Season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead

Due to a Time Jump during Season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead, Certain Characters Missing?

Fear the Walking Dead features an intense scene where Daniel points a weapon directly at Victor, firmly fixing his sights upon him. The season 8 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead reveals that Morgan, Madison, Mo, and Grace are the only visible characters, leaving fans curious about their whereabouts after the seven-year time jump. Morgan and Madison successfully infiltrate PADRE leader Javier Castellanos, who confirms the retrieval of Daniel, Charlie, Victor, Strand, June, Dwight, Sherry, Grace, and Luciana aboard passenger rafts following the conclusion of Fear’s seventh season. Given Grace’s passion for collecting, it is likely that they have somehow joined PADRE in some capacity or another.

Fear The Walking Dead drops an intriguing hint that suggests certain major characters might have successfully escaped PADRE’s clutches. When Morgan receives information from PADRE regarding the discovered rafts, the mysterious voice implies that there are fewer passengers on board than initially expected. This could indicate that some significant characters fled PADRE before being captured, or their rafts drifted to a different location. Notably, during the promotion of the eighth season of Fear The Walking Dead, it was confirmed that an anti-PADRE resistance exists, which could lead to divisions among the survivors after the seven-year time jump.

The eighth season of Fear The Walking Dead is poised to deliver an intense and gripping storyline. With the significant time jump and the exploration of life within PADRE, viewers will witness the profound effects this community has had on the characters and their perspectives of the world. The return of Morgan to PADRE and his new role as a collector, coupled with Madison’s sacrifices and the enigmatic experiments conducted on her, add layers of suspense and intrigue to the narrative.

As the season progresses, viewers will eagerly unravel the fates of the remaining characters, discovering whether they managed to escape PADRE’s clutches or become integrated into society. The tension brewing between Daniel and Victor, as depicted in the weapon-wielding scene, foreshadows the conflicts that will inevitably arise. Additionally, the existence of an anti-PADRE resistance introduces a new dynamic that will test the bonds among the survivors.

Fear The Walking Dead continues to captivate audiences with its post-apocalyptic world and enthralling storytelling. Season 8 promises to be an exhilarating journey filled with unexpected twists, revelations, and the unrelenting struggle for survival. So, stay tuned and prepare to immerse yourself in the gripping world of Fear The Walking Dead as it delves into the depths of PADRE and its profound impact on its characters.

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