Where Are Rappers Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik Today?

Where Are Rappers Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik Now

Where Are Rappers Rachael Sassara, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik Now? – The extraordinary personalities behind a risky attempt to turn the stock market upside down are revealed in Netflix’s newest must-watch documentary.

An inexperienced online trader turned the financial market upside down in January 2021 by investing their entire capital in the gaming retailer GameStop.

When organisations on social media platforms like Reddit banded together to implement a risky scheme to get rich quick and wreck havoc on the markets, the world was still in the throes of the Covid pandemic.

The GameStop Saga, a remarkable tale aimed to turn the tables on the wealthy, is the subject of the new Netflix documentary “Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga,” which unveils intriguing and improbable personalities at its core.

In the docuseries, Mikey Guggenheim, Rachael Sassara, and Erik Hess, often known as Derik, discussed how they eventually decided to invest in GameStop. Let’s learn more about the group now, shall we?

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Who Are Derik, Mikey Guggenheim, and Rachael Sassara?

Multi-talented artist Mikey Guggenheim appeared on the programme alongside his friends Rachael Sassara and Erik Hess, aka Derik. Rachael claimed that she assisted in overseeing the entire process while Derik and Mikey collaborated on the song. When discussing WallStreetBets, a Reddit group where investment prospects were discussed, Derik referred to them as gamblers who would keep placing larger bets.

Mikey said on the programme that he has worked with WallStreetBets for over two years. He eventually became aware of GameStop’s stock price and bought some. He pointed out that today’s investors don’t have access to the same opportunities as their parent’s generation did. Derik also discussed the subprime mortgage crisis, which began in 2007, and said that many people who purchased GameStop stock suffered losses.

So, in a way, the GameStop incident, in Derik’s opinion, assisted those individuals in getting back at the hedge funds. Mikey claimed that his first investment in GameStop increased ten times in the end. The share price increased to about $500 in January 2021 before declining the following month. Hedge funds that bet on GameStop failing lost a lot of money since they had to purchase back the shares at a loss due to several regular traders purchasing up shares.

Where Are Mikey Guggenheim, Derik, and Rachael Sassara Now?

Rachael graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, with a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting. She spent over two years as a production coordinator for The Hollywood Masters and an events specialist for the university’s School of Film and Television. Rachael worked as an Associate Producer at 2U, an online learning platform, from June 2018 to August 2022. She has been a freelance writer and producer ever since. Additionally, she oversees the musical careers of Mikey and Derik.

Mikey graduated from New York University with a fine arts degree in Film & Television Production. He has been a freelance animator since August 2015 and employed by networks including HBO, Netflix, ABC, and CBS, among others. In addition to music, he also enjoys writing and directing. Additionally, Rachael and Mikey co-host a podcast. In addition to his work as a designer of NFTs, Mikey also co-founded the Web3 creative incubator. Additionally, he offers goods on his website.

Last, Derik, a rapper, recently released the song “Gamestonk Anthem” with Mikey. In addition, he established the Daily B-Rip, an Instagram profile that posts news updates from the video game and entertainment industries. Derik is also passionate about skateboarding and posts footage on his YouTube page. At the moment, it appears that all three are based in Los Angeles, California.

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