Christopher Northam Murder: Where Chris Northam’s Ex-Wife Averill Elizabeth Easley Now?

Where Chris Northam's Ex-Wife Averill Elizabeth Easley Now
In the restraining order, Easley said that she tried convincing herself that her husband wasn't involved in the murder of his father but now she is convinced of the fact and scared of retribution.

When Christopher Northam Sr. was murdered by his son, Chris Jr., Averill Elizabeth Easley, the latter’s ex-wife, was jailed as an accessory after the fact. Averill, on the other hand, claimed she had no knowledge of her ex-involvement husband and maintained on her innocence. Dateline NBC’s ‘Family Secrets follows the investigation into Christopher Sr. brutal murder and the arrests of both Chris Jr. and Averill Easley.

Let’s delve into the case’s specifics to learn more about Averill’s current location.

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Northam and Easley
Easley (left) filed a restraining order against Northam (right) in December saying that the only reason they got married was so that she wouldn’t be required to testify against him about the murder

What is Averill Elizabeth Easley’s Background?

At the time of the murder, Averill Easley was dating Christopher Northam Sr.’s son, Chris Jr. Despite the fact that the two had known each other for a long time, the show indicated that there was no indication of a future wedding. Christopher Sr. was shot and killed inside the Skim X restaurant in Roseville, California, on May 30, 2011.

When the cops got on the scene, they discovered Chris Jr., who was visibly upset. The victim had contacted the son, alleging that an intruder was in the building and that he had heard gunshots just before his father was killed.

Chris Jr. was shaken by his father’s unexpected death, and Averill stood at his side, supporting him through thick and thin. Although the authorities were not originally suspicious of Chris Jr., they were taken aback when he married Averill shortly after the murder.

Furthermore, the show depicted police’ suspicions that Averill was lying on purpose to sabotage the inquiry. They even suspected Averill of knowing more about the murder than she admitted, and they were desperate to find out the truth.

Where Is Averill Elizabeth Easley Now
Averill Elizabeth Easley

What Has Happened to Averill Elizabeth Easley and Where Is She Now?

Law enforcement investigators soon discovered how Chris Jr. benefited from his father’s death. They were also able to locate him to the crime scene using phone and wifi records. Averill, on the other hand, had already divorced the suspect and had a restraining order against him at the time.

When questioned, Averill stated that Chris Jr. asked her to marry so that she wouldn’t have to testify against him in court because of spousal privilege. She went on to say that she believed her ex-husband was innocent, but after learning of his involvement in the murder, she left him and obtained a restraining order.

Despite this, officials accused Averill of being an accessory after the fact, and she was arrested before being charged. In 2015, Averill was brought to court and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of accessory after the fact, receiving a 60-day suspended sentence.

Avril has preferred a life of quiet since her release, but she revealed on the show that she had a new boyfriend and was looking forward to settling down with him. Averill still lives in California, while her marital status is unknown.

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