Where is Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend Marilou Danley Today?

Who Is Marilou Danley

Where is Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend Marilou Danley Now? – The four-hour Paramount+ documentary paints a picture of America’s deadliest mass shooting as if you were there, but it lacks any broader perspective five years later.

Radio DJ Storme Warren chokes up while attempting to explain his part in the aftermath of the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the first of over a dozen interviews featured in “11 Minutes.” Warren, a well-known country DJ, performed onstage at the Route 91 Harvest concert when the bloodiest mass shooting in American history—58 fatalities and 869 injuries—took place.

On that terrible day, hundreds were taking in some country music when Stephen Paddock, a shooter, started firing continuously into the audience, killing many people. Although the precise cause of the attack is still unknown, Stephen’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, insisted that she was unaware that he would commit such a heinous deed. We can tell you where Marilou is right now if that’s something you’re curious about!

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Where is Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend Marilou Danley Now

Who Is Marilou Danley?

Marilou Danley, who was 62 years old and dating the shooter, Stephen Paddock, at the time of the incident. Their relationship appeared to be ideal to outsiders because they tended to keep to themselves and anticipated a future together. Marilou, a native of the Philippines, also gave off the impression of being a sweet person who adored her lover.

It’s interesting to note that Stephen Paddock bought Marilou tickets to travel to the Philippines to visit her family a little over two weeks before he started shooting concertgoers in the audience. When Stephen indicated that he would be wiring her money to help her purchase a home for herself and her family, Marilou initially thought that this was a way for him to end their relationship. In keeping with his commitment, Stephen even gave Marilou a check for roughly $100,000. Marilou assumed that her lover was merely saving money for the future.

Naturally, Marilou was in a foreign nation on October 1, 2017, when Stephen Paddock started shooting into the crowd from a window of a neighbouring hotel room. She had been given free tickets to visit her family in the Philippines. According to reports, Marilou tried to distance herself from the shooter by switching her Facebook account to private around two and a half hours after Stephen began shooting. More than two hours later, she completely deactivated all her social media accounts. She was treated as a person of interest by the police because they thought she did it to cut her ties to the crime completely. Marilou, however, insisted on her innocence and insisted that she was unaware of the incident.

Where Is Marilou Danley today

Where Is Marilou Danley Now?

When the authorities questioned Marilou following the tragic massacre on the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2017, she insisted she was unaware of the occurrence and said she didn’t believe Stephen could commit such a crime. In addition, Marilou claimed of her friendship with Stephen, “I knew Stephen Paddock as a gentle, compassionate, quiet man. I cherished him and desired a peaceful future with him.

She also returned to the country at the request of law enforcement, insisting on her innocence in a statement that said, “It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he intended violence against anyone. I voluntarily flew back to America because I knew the FBI and Las Vegas Police Department wanted to talk to me, and I wanted to talk to them. Still, I haven’t made a statement up until now because I’ve been complying with the authorities. I will provide their investigation with my complete cooperation. Additionally, she pleaded with the public to respect her family’s privacy in the same statement. However, readers should be aware that no charges have been brought against Danley about the incident.

Currently, in addition to being a mother, Marilou Danley is a devoted grandma who has created a wonderful existence for herself in the company of her loved ones. However, she has adopted secrecy when it comes to her personal life and hasn’t shared anything about it in public since the shooting happened. Nevertheless, it appears that Marilou is progressively moving over her troubled past, and we wish her luck in all of her future ambitions.

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