90 Day Fiance: Are Kobe and Emily Married Now?

90 Day Fiance: Are Kobe and Emily Married Now?

The intriguing TV program “90 Day Fiance” on TLC takes viewers into the lives of US residents who are engaged with foreign nationals. Although experiencing a cross-border relationship is exciting in and of itself, the show depicts how the foreign partners enter the country on a k-1 visa. However, they must wed their significant other within 90 days of receiving their visa or risk being deported. Now, 90 days is not enough to settle down happily since the majority of cross-border couples have to deal with variations in lifestyles, habits, and customs. Even so, it’s fascinating to see which sides each duo sides within a race against the time.

It’s interesting to note that Emily Bieberly met Kobe Blaise, her fiance from Cameroon while visiting China. The two were at ease with one another quickly and were committed to the relationship in the long haul. Everyone in the cast seems to be struggling with their individual relationships, and everyone seems to be finding it difficult to make plans for a future together. At first glance, Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieber appeared to be one of the more laid-back couples in the group. Kobe and Emily’s relationship, however, has been rather difficult since he arrived in the country with the intention of marrying Emily. Are Emily and Kobe married? is a burning question for 90-Day Fiancé viewers. So, we made the decision to investigate their connection further and see if they were married at the time!

Are Kobe and Emily Married Now?

Emily, 29, was born and raised in the Kansas town of Salina, but after she started college, she began to leave. She and her friends took a trip to Thailand when she was still in school, and soon after that, the reality star was given the chance to teach English in the Chinese city of Xi’an. As model for underwear, Kobe was employed there.  It’s interesting to note that Emily first encountered Kobe in a nightclub in Xi’an and thought he was really gorgeous. The US citizen thought it would only be a one-night stand, but they soon started talking and even spent the night together.

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The native of Kansas, however, was aggressively chased by Kobe, and she quickly saw herself falling head over heels for him. Although they got married quite early on in their relationship. Emily learned she was expecting Kobe’s child four weeks after he proposed. She made the decision to move back to the US to give birth. Kobe was, unfortunately, unable to attend his son’s birth as a result of this choice. Kobe’s visitor visa was rejected one week before Emily was set to give birth. Since Emily had anticipated having Koban’s father by her side, it was heartbreaking for her. Koban finally met his dad in person when he was 17 months old after Emily and Kobe filed for his K-1 visa and COVID-19 took place.

Kobe 34-year-old man was nonetheless shocked to see Emily’s transformation when he first arrived in the country. The Cameroonian native found it challenging to accept the physical and psychological changes in his fiancee for the first several days, but they soon overcame that minor hiccup. But there were worse problems to come, as Kobe soon discovered that Emily detested sharing her parental responsibilities and rarely trusted him with his own son. In addition, Kobe had to sleep in a different room because their bed was so small, and Emily had to spend the entire night with their son. Naturally, Kobe did not like these things, and he also did not like the way Emily handled him. When Emily made a decision, it was always her way or the highway; she occasionally did not give Kobe the respect he needed.

However, even her parents were concerned about Kobe’s financial situation and questioned if he would be able to maintain his fiancée and unborn kid entirely on his own. They nevertheless made an effort to prepare a great wedding despite all of these setbacks. However, Emily was unsure of Kobe’s financial situation and questioned whether he would be able to give her a ring. To the surprise of her companions, she went out and purchased a ring using her own funds. Kobe remarked that Emily buying a ring on her own was a serious breach of trust, even if he afterward bought and gave her a ring. However, based on how things appear, the two have mostly resolved their concerns and are content. Despite the lack of official information about their union, Kobe published a photo of them in May 2022, with the remark “Somewhere safe.” However, Emily wrote a sweet message about how wonderful Kobe is as a father, reaffirming their continued relationship.

The pair also seems to have embraced their role as parents, as Koban occupies a significant portion of their time. Even on social media, Kobe talked about his son. We are delighted to inform you that Kobe and Emily are now living together. According to rumors, Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise from 90 Day Fiancé welcomed a girl after giving birth to their son Koban. After being separated for two years due to distance, Emily and Kobe are going to get married in a plot that is already riddled with warning signs. The 90-Day Fiancé season 9 trailer contained the most significant hint regarding Emily and Kobe’s potential second pregnancy. Instagram blogger @fraudedmedia got photographs of Emily and Kobe in New York as they were filming the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All. The grainy photographs were taken from the back, hiding Emily and Kobe’s faces, but Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer were there with a baby girl. They are looking forward to a wonderful future.

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