Adam and Allyssa from “The One That Got Away” are they still together?

the one that got away Adam and Allyssa

In the dating competition The One That Got Away, players are paired up with persons from their pasts with whom they once had a connection. It just brings individuals back together and lets them go on dates, offering something a little closer to dating that happens in the real world than in other shows. Notably, one of the contestants is a gay man.

The six primary competitors want to find genuine love. One of them, Allyssa Anderson was bullied in high school, but ‘One That Got Away’ proves she wasn’t as invisible or uncomfortable as she felt. Most of the guys that stepped out of the portal for her, like Nelson, Travis, and Adam, had always been attracted to her. If you want to know more about her and her relationship with her All-Star Admirer Adam Drexler, we have the details.

The One That Got Away Season 1 Episode 1    Travis

Allyssa told that she was more than ready to meet her true love, get married, and even have a kid when we first met the then-25-year-old self-assured and independent model. She was actually on the verge of abandoning this project after her disappointing encounter with Nelson, her awkward meeting with Travis, and the unexpected (momentary) entrance of her fan Daniel. A well-known professional athlete and the son of the Basketball Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, Adam, entered the picture at that point and managed to sweep her off her feet, permanently altering her perspective.

While in high school, Allyssa mistakenly believed that Adam never paid attention to her. In reality, he had shut several doors in order to focus on basketball full-time. The man, who was then 27 years old, really acknowledged that he had always been aware of her generosity and the combination of her beauty and intelligence and had felt drawn to her aura, but he had never taken any action. Thus, his appearance ultimately prevented her from pursuing a relationship with fellow cast member Dylan Palladino, a relic from Kasey Ma’s past, and eventually led her to quit leading on Travis.

Dylan Palladino, a relic from Kasey Ma's past,

Allyssa and Adam went on their first date to a private prom, which was a first for her, and he showed that he had been desiring to know her better and more romantically for over ten years. He showed her that he was looking at her in a way that she couldn’t even understand as a teen by complimenting her appropriately and by asking all the proper questions. It wasn’t a surprise when they left hand in hand because they had comfortably discussed every topic, from their goals to their values to the value of a strong support system for their families.

The One That Got Away - Allyssa and Adam went on their first date to a private prom

Adam and Allyssa Still Together?

Even the appearance of her college admirer Jeff didn’t change Allyssa’s intentions with Adam because she had gradually come to recognize that he brings out the best in her in every manner. When it came time to return to the real world, Adam got down on one knee to propose to her after gaining her parents’ blessing and knowing she earned it. He said, “Allyssa, this is a promise to you that no matter what happens and no matter where life takes us, I’m always going to support you; I’m always going to be there for you. This is a promise that I’m going to keep on falling for you after we leave this place together.”

In terms of their current situation, we think Allyssa and Adam are still together because they have publicly expressed their love and appear to still communicate on social media. Although they haven’t explicitly hinted at anything or shared any posts together as of this writing, their earlier tacit messages on promotional posts or through likes/comments have encouraged us. In any event, we wish the professional basketball player and the model nothing but the best for their future