Monica Fairview and Rob Kramer: Where Are They Now?

After Knife_ Monica Fairview _ Wives With Knives

In order to maintain her lifestyle of luxury, Monica Fairview, a stunning sugar daddy, meets guys like Rob Kramer. But the couple gets into a physical argument that culminates with Monica stabbing Rob because of Rob’s need for ultimate control and Monica’s tendency for drama. Investigation Discoverys “Wives With Knives: Can’t Buy Me, Love,” details the events leading up to it. In an interview on the program, Monica gives her account of the occurrence. So, if you’re interested in learning more, we can help.

Who Are Monica Fairview and Rob Kramer?

When Monica first met Rob, she had already gone through a divorce and was vying for custody of her kid. They got along great and married in December 1998 as a result. The two welcomed their own daughter a little more than a year later. But according to the program, the marriage eventually fell apart. Rob was verbally abusive, according to Monica’s brother, who briefly resided with them.

Eventually, Monica asked Rob for a divorce and started dating once more. They continued to communicate since they still shared a daughter. But in accordance with the drama, Rob wouldn’t let go and kept contacting her. Rob once appeared on one of Monica’s vacations in July 2009. By 2011, Monica had remarried and was temporarily residing in Atlanta, Georgia with Rob. She went to a concert with her brother on September 24, 2011.

Rob, though, was well aware that Monica would be taking their daughter. He was upset that Monica had left their daughter at home when he got home later. Rob then informed her through SMS that he was ejecting her from the residence. It happened somewhere in the early morning hours of September 25, 2011. The daughter, who was 11 at the time, said that a furious Monica came home and vowed to “stab him if I had to” before leaving the house while displaying a knife in her waistband.

According to eyewitness sources, Rob had some blood after Monica struck him in the head. She took a brief break from the action in the courtyard before stabbing him once with a hunting knife. At that point, witnesses had dialed 911. Rob was taken urgently to the hospital and, thankfully, lived. As for Monica, she was detained while out on a stroll with her toddler in tow. Additionally, Monica had videotaped the entire assault, which eventually harmed her legal position. Rob did not engage in combat throughout the encounter, according to witnesses.

Where Are Monica Fairview and Rob Kramer Now?

Once he was discharged from the hospital, the show claims that Rob attempted reconciliation with Monica once more. However, things didn’t last long, and he later gave false testimony in her defense. Monica was found guilty of severe assault by a jury. She received an eight-year prison term in March 2013. As far as we know, Monica was subsequently freed from jail. Currently, Monica appears to work as a real estate broker and resides in Decatur, Texas. Regarding Rob, it appears that he resides in Frisco, Texas, although it’s not known what he does for a job at the moment.