The One That Got Away: Are Dezi and Nigel still together?

nigel sydnor Desiree "Dezi," still together

Contestants in a new Prime Video reality series can go back in time to meet their true match. The One That Got Away features a group of six singles looking for love and is hosted by singer/songwriter Betty Who. The contestants, however, will get the chance to explore lost connections as people from their past join through “The Portal,” unlike other reality dating shows that came before it. This show featured Nigel Sydnor’s unusual search for love. The former college basketball player acknowledged that he was somewhat of a party animal and added that it was challenging for him to be open, trustworthy, and vulnerable in a short amount of time. Despite this, he still managed to leave with Desiree “Dezi,” a real blast from his past. Let’s find out more about them both as well as their current situation, shall we?

The One That Got Away Journey of Nigel and Dezi

Nigel, who was then 28 years old, made it plain he wanted to investigate every option since he felt prepared to pursue a relationship almost immediately after he appeared on our screens. He said in the play, “I’ve met some fantastic people in my past, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to look at the one that got away… The person who initially perceived me as being self-centered will now be able to see me as developing and giving. He demonstrated this on his dates with Sara Bella and Alicia Nelms, but his reserve only disappeared after Dezi entered the picture.

Nigel and Dezi had become such close friends that they knew one another inside and out in every aspect after first meeting at a house party in March 2019. There were no labels, but he did fail to disclose that he was seeing other people. They even started dating (a year later) and eventually opened a salon together before things fell apart over loyalty. Nevertheless, when Dezi learned he was eager to commit, she appeared through “the portal” to give him another chance because of her “unconditional” love for him, which never once faltered.

The One That Got Away

Nigel said, “I’m not in love with Dezi, but she understands me,” while Dezi expressed her thoughts before stating she had no expectations given the process they were entering. She is simply “too important to” him for him to not have expressed his fear of how their dynamic might change if they started a serious relationship on their date. He never denied hurting her, and as time went on, they had more frequent conversations about both their past and their future, which is why he ultimately chose her over Alicia.

Are Dezi and Nigel still together?

When it was time for them to return to reality, Nigel faced Dezi directly and lay all his cards on the table; she graciously accepted the circumstances. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can repay the love you’ve shown me, Dezi, and I’ve been trying to find the perfect words to speak to you, he continued. You ask for my communication and trust, but I want to ask for your patience. I want you to have the man you deserve… I want you to know, I love you. I love you today. I love you in the future. I love you unconditionally… Everything I need, everything I have wanted is you.” You are all I need and have ever wanted. So they kissed each other tenderly and entered “the gateway” together. Sadly, despite the emotionally exhausting ups and downs, Nigel appears to be unmarried right now based on his social media accounts. The Los Angeles resident not only doesn’t engage with Dezi directly online, but his Facebook profile also makes it abundantly plain that he is in a relationship. Having said that, he does appear to be completely happy with his position at the moment, especially given that he enjoys a nice life surrounded by close friends. This is due to the fact that he works in the real estate investing sector, dabbles in e-commerce, and owns Elevations Barbers Lounge.