Who is Alexander Litvinenko’s wife Marina and Where Is She Now?

Who is Alexander Litvinenko’s wife Marina and Where Is Marina Litvinenko Now? – Alexander Litvinenko’s murder is the subject of the ITV drama series “Litvinenko.” The ex-KGB agent was killed in London in 2006 after accidentally ingesting polonium-210, a radioactive material.

In 2000, Litvinenko sought political asylum in the UK after openly denouncing the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that Russia was directly to blame for the murder of Litvinenko, with Putin most likely ordering the poisoning.

Ultimately, the European Court of Human Rights concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that former Russian agents Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi poisoned him with the deadly substance that resulted in his death. The eagerly awaited ITVX drama Litvinenko, which was directly involved in its production by Alexander’s surviving wife, Marina, analyses the circumstances surrounding the now-famous murder up to the present day.

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What Happened to Marina Litvinenko

What Happened to Marina Litvinenko?

Prior to his passing, Litvinenko was a vocal opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He had left Russia with his family in 2000. Since her husband’s passing, Marina Litvinenko has been a steadfast supporter of justice and has frequently demanded that his murder be looked into; in order to do this, she founded the Litvinenko Justice Foundation in 2007.

She was given permission to hold an inquiry in October 2011, and the results were made public in January 2016. According to the U.K. public investigation, Putin “had a level of consent for the killing of Mr. Litvinenko”, and that the FSB directed Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun to carry out the assassination.

In addition to maintaining their innocence, Lugovoi and Kovtun have also said that Russia had no part in the murder of Litvinenko. After Litvinenko’s widow brought the matter before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the ECHR found in September 2021 that Russia was to blame for Litvinenko’s passing, according to a report at the time by the BBC.

According to the court, there is “a strong prima facie case that Mr. Lugovoy and Mr. Kovtun were operating under the direction or control of the Russian authorities in killing Mr. Litvinenko.”

Additionally, it was determined that Litvinenko had been poisoned on November 1, 2006, while “drinking tea with Mr. Lugovoy and Mr. Kovtun.” Russia was ordered by the ECHR to pay Marina €122,500 ($143,400) in expenses and additional damages, but they have not yet done so.

Where is Marina Litvinenko Today

Where is Marina Litvinenko Today?

Since then, Marina has kept her husband’s case in the spotlight and played a key role in the production of AMC+ show Litvinenko. At a press conference in London that Newsweek attended, she discussed the drama and explained why she thought the program needed to be produced.

Because the drama’s executive producer was Richard Kerbaj, who produced a documentary about Litvinenko, Marina had a good feeling the narrative would be told truthfully as a result of her interaction with him.

At the occasion, Marina remarked, “He did the documentary about what happened to us, and this was a very good experience, and I knew what he was going to accomplish.” “He was exactly the kind of person who keeps his word, and when he initially told me to make the documentary, I wasn’t sure if it would, but it did, and then he said he was going to make a drama, so I said, “OK.'”

“I’ve always done it that way. I’ve come across folks I can rely on, which opens up additional opportunities for me, and I accept it. I just knew that the tale needed to be told because of what Sasha tried to accomplish but was unable to complete before he passed away. “I understood it’s crucial to preserve his voice, whether this is a documentary or a drama, but he would be alive with us and his message, at last, would be heard and listened to, and anything I could do, I tried to do,” the author said.

The show’s first episode, which centres on the poisoning and demise of Litvinenko, was tough for his widow to see, but she understood it would help spread the word about the incident to a larger audience.

Marina Litvinenko stated, “I think with this drama, there will be more understanding of what happened 16 years ago. Then there were a select few. The police and a friend looked into this matter. Here in the UK, it was difficult not only to establish guilt but even to pursue justice. Just to receive some semblance of justice, it took another ten years.

“There are still some uncertainties, such as, “Are you certain this is how it happened? Are you sure he was radioactively poisoned? even if everything was proven. And I believe that when more people see this program, they will become aware of what occurred 16 years ago.

The first four episodes of Litvinenko aired on AMC+ and Sundance Now.

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