Aquilla Flood Murder: Where is Al-Muqqadin Means Today?

Aquilla Flood Murder

Aquilla Flood Murder: Where is Al-Muqqadin Means Now? – A teenage girl from New Jersey who was excited about her prom and graduation was brutally killed there in June 2013. Until a gloomy turn of events that resulted in Aquilla Flood’s premature death, she had everything going for her. “Pretty Little Murder” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the events that took place before her death and describe what happened to the murderer. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this tragic case, look no further.

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Who Was Aquilla Flood and How Did She Die

Who Was Aquilla Flood and How Did She Die?

Aquilla Flood, then 17 years old, resided in East Orange, New Jersey, with her mother, Nicole Flood. They frequently went shopping and prepared meals together because they were pretty close. Aquilla, a senior at the nearby high school, was chosen as prom queen by her fellow students and was only a few days away from graduating. She was planning to go to college at the time and had already started working a part-time job at a nearby McDonald’s.

On June 5, 2013, at around 7:30 AM, Nicole awoke to discover her daughter Aquilla in her bed, covered in a pool of blood and not breathing. She dialed 911 right away, and when the police showed up, they discovered that the 17-year-old had passed away from a single head wound caused by a bullet. In addition, her mother didn’t find her body for several hours. Everyone was astonished by the horrible crime, and the police started seeking for the perpetrators.

Who Killed Aquilla Flood

Who was Aquilla Flood’s killer?

Nicole didn’t recall hearing any gunshots late at night, and the cops found no evidence of a forced entry at the flat. They thought the murderer was someone Aquilla knew and that he or she may have killed the victim after her mother had gone to bed. Al-Muqqadin Means, then 18 years old and Aquilla’s ex-boyfriend, was identified as a result of the investigation, and the police went in search of him.

Nicole claimed that Means’ daughter had broken up with him prior to the murder because he had run into legal issues. Further raising concerns was the fact that Means’ sister had informed Aquilla and her family about his violent past. The victim had even feared for her safety and urged Nicole to relocate the group to a new residence. However, the mother didn’t comprehend Aquilla’s fear at the moment.

Later, it was discovered that Means had declined Aquilla’s invitation to the prom, and as a result, he had repeatedly called the 17-year-old and threatened to retaliate. Nicole thought Means might have entered the bedroom via the fire escape, but the police thought Aquilla had left the front door unlocked, allowing Means to enter. Means was also shown on camera exiting the flat at some point throughout the night.

Where is Al-Muqqadin Means Today

Where is Al-Muqqadin Means Now?

Al-Muqqadin Means was detained for murder as well as two other thefts of cash and headphones that occurred prior to the death of Aquilla. In September 2014, he admitted guilt to the allegations, and his sentence included more than two years of time served. Means admitted guilt to aggravated manslaughter and illegal possession of a firearm in connection with the death of Aquilla in June 2015. He was given a 24-year prison term the following month, and he will be available for parole in September 2033. 

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