Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – Are ‘Ray Benzino’ and ‘Althea Heart’ Still Together?

Are Ray Benzino and Althea Heart Still Together

Are ‘Ray Benzino’ and ‘Althea Heart’ Still Together? Let’s check out. The second edition of the Love & Hip Hop franchise is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Benzino is introduced as Stevie J’s best buddy and confidante. He starts dating Karlie Redd during the season. They break up in the finale after he proposes to her but then backs out and returns the ring. He proposes to his lover Althea Heart in season two. Soon after, Althea and Benzino were expelled from the show, purportedly after Benzino threatened one of the show’s producers.

Raymond Leon Scott, often known as Ray Benzino, is a rapper and music producer who rose to stardom after appearing on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ Singer Althea Heart joined the series as Benzino’s girlfriend in season 3, and the two had a lot of connection at first. However, their relationship quickly deteriorated, and the two participated on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4‘ in the hopes of mending it. Fans are asking if they are still together, especially in light of recent events that have brought their relationship to the forefront. Let’s see what we can find out, shall we?

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Ray Benzino and Althea Heart's 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Journey

Ray Benzino and Althea Heart’s ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Journey

In 2014, Althea Heart was presented as Benzino’s girlfriend, and the two appeared to be in love. Fans were blown away by their great connection when they debuted together in the third season of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’ Furthermore, the couple appeared to be quite committed to one other.

The couple’s dedication to their relationship was evident, and it was a joy to watch them develop as a couple. Theirs was a fast-paced affair, and Benzino and Althea announced their engagement just a few months after meeting on reality TV.

Fans were thrilled to hear such good news, but their joy was short-lived as the couple quickly hit a number of difficulties. Soon, it seemed as if the two stars couldn’t agree on anything. Althea and Benzino, on the other hand, pushed through the adversity, determined to make their love work.

In 2015, Benzino and Althea received further good news when their son, Zino Antonio Scott Jr., was born, and everyone thought that this would help them turn a new page. Unfortunately, the pair’s old problems resurfaced, and they had multiple public social media spats.

Furthermore, in 2015, it was reported that Althea had accused Benzino of abuse. Unfortunately, as a result of these events, their engagement was called off. Despite the couple’s appearance on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4,’ it was too late to restore their love.

Ray Benzino and Althea Heart Still Together

Is Ray Benzino Still Together with Althea Heart?

Ray Benzino and Althea Heart have broken up and are no longer together. The two appeared to be in an on-again, off-again romance since allegations of another spat in 2016. Nonetheless, the duo appeared to be back on in early 2018, when Benzino uploaded a photo of herself with Althea, along with quotes from her next song.

However, on February 18, 2018, police were summoned to their home for a domestic incident, and Althea was arrested and charged with misdemeanour violence, according to reports. Since then, the two have reportedly avoided each other. In 2020, however, Benzino was said to have gotten into an altercation with a man who was seen with Althea. According to accounts, Benzino got into a verbal altercation with a man who was escorting Althea in Braselton, Georgia.

However, the alleged brawl quickly escalated, and Benzino allegedly used his fists to destroy the man’s truck. According to the article, despite the rapper’s insistence on his innocence and claims that the man approached him before threatening to shoot, the rapper was charged with second-degree criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Benzino and Althea both appear to be single at the moment, but their relationship appears to be over. Benzino prefers to keep his personal life away from social media, whereas Althea has embraced her motherly obligations and enjoys spending quality time with her kid. Nonetheless, we wish them both the best and wish them success in their future undertakings.