Bank Rio Robbery: How Much Money Was Stolen And Where is It Now?

Bank Rio Robbery, How Much Was Stolen1

Bank Rio Robbery: How Much Money Was Stolen? Where is The Money Now? – On August 6, 2005, a burglary at the Banco Central branch in Fortaleza, Ceará state, Brazil, resulted in the loss of around R$160 million from the vault. It is among the biggest heists ever committed. Only 8 of the 25 people suspected of being engaged in the burglary had been arrested as of the end of 2005, and R$20 million had been found.

In addition, some gang members are believed to have been abducted, and Luis Fernando Ribeiro, who is believed to have been the plan’s mastermind, was killed by kidnappers after a ransom was paid. The money has been recovered, the offenders have been kidnapped and killed, and arrests have been made. A total of 119 people were detained, and 32 million Reais were found. According to the Netflix documentary “3 Tonelada$: Assalto ao Banco Central,” the Brazilian Federal Police were also successful in stopping further break-ins.

Due to the way it depicts Argentina’s most infamous looting, the Netflix documentary film “Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist” can only be described as thrilling and stunning. After all, it explores every facet of the crime, including its intent, execution, and motivation, through the very arrogant offenders’ first-person testimonies. We now have the pertinent information for you if you want to discover more about the stolen cargo, the local authorities’ efforts to recover it, and how much the thieves actually got away with.

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How Much Did The Thieves Steal

How Much Money Did The Robbers Take?

In his hometown of Acassuso, San Isidro, Fernando Araujo had the idea of robbing a two-story Bank Rio branch in September 2004 to study the act purportedly. He and his entire team were only prepared to carry out the extreme procedure on Friday, January 13, 2006 because many intricate details needed to be meticulously worked out. The artist was the one to organize and schedule everything, including fooling the police throughout the scam, creating an underground passage for their escape, and using fake firearms to guarantee no one got hurt.

After guarding the area and the hostages for the two hours they had given, they broke open 143 safes before making their escape through the tunnel rather than the front gate. After spending hours merely “talking” with the police, the group attacked Bank Rio in the late afternoon. They then left after demanding pizza and promising to surrender at 3:30. When law enforcement chose to intervene at 7 o’clock that evening, the burglars had already fled with approximately $20 million in cash and goods from safe deposit boxes.

Where is The Stolen Money Now

Where is The Stolen Money Now? Is It Recovered?

Unaware that they would be captured in a matter of weeks due to an informant, the squad divided the entire haul among themselves as one of the first (and last) things they did after reaching safety. The majority is still seized, except for the $938,700, ₱80,315, and €30,084 that were retrieved from Beto De la Torre’s residence following his capture and maybe smaller sums from others. According to sources, the bank and the insurance companies previously took care of the matter, so there may not have been a huge effort to legally recover the money either.

In the Netflix original production, Fernando Araujo stated, “Everyone who played a role in this story won. “Prosecutors advanced careers, police officers became detectives afterwards, and the judges were recognized. The victims’ insurance got them more than they had. Like pirinola [a spinning top game], where everyone is a winner.”

If you’re wondering where the money or valuables are right now, they may still be being carefully used by the team, who sensibly have never even acknowledged having anything in a safe. The fact that they have never once disclosed how much money they actually made from the crime, let alone what they did with it, is another reason it is referred to as “the robbery of the century.”

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