For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 10 (Season Finale) Recap and Ending Explained

For All Mankind Season 3 Ending, Explained1

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 10 (Season Finale) Recap and Ending Explained – The third season of “For All Mankind” on Apple TV+ is focused on the race to Mars. When NASA, Helios, and Roscosmos all launch their expeditions to Mars, the television show takes an exciting new turn. The mayhem on Mars begins to calm down in the season finale, “Stranger In A Strange Land,” and the astronauts must devise a plan to get back home. Kelly Baldwin’s pregnancy makes planning a return challenging for the group.

While this is happening, a horrific incident shakes up the Johnson Space Center and alters the course of several people’s lives. We have the information you need if you’re curious about what happened to the astronauts and ground crew. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “For All Mankind” season 3 episode 10!

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For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

The opening scene of the third season finale of “For All Mankind,” titled “Stranger in a Strange Land,” shows the North Korean astronaut touching down on Mars. Danielle and Kuznetsov approach his spacecraft to fetch a docking system required for their journey back to Earth after he spends some time alone. Also accompanying Danielle and Kuznetsov to their base is the North Korean astronaut. Kelly must get to Earth before her pregnancy ends because she is just a few months along.

The Martian disaster and Ellen’s sexuality being public put more pressure on her to step down as president at the White House. Lenara Catiche informs Margo that she is being looked into while she is in Houston. Margo declines Catiche’s offer of Soviet protection.

According to Catiche, Aleida Rosales was the one informing the FBI about Margo’s connections to the Soviet Union. Margo advises Aleida to concentrate on finding a way to return their astronauts to Earth, though.

Karen consults Molly Cobb about her career and asks for advice. Later, Karen tells Dev Ayesa that the Helios board has asked her to take over as CEO. Dev is upset by the news and tries to incite a revolt among the workers. Karen quickly puts a stop to the rebellion, though. On Mars, the astronauts start making preparations for their return trip. However, only a pilot and Kelly can be transferred to the Phoenix due to the MSAM’s weight restrictions. Jimmy and his friends are about to cause a commotion at the Johnson Space Centre.

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Kelly’s pregnancy presents a severe challenge to Ed Baldwin and the NASA ground personnel in the episode as they attempt to save their astronauts. Due to the MSAM’s limitations in carrying the weight of nine people, the astronauts opt to stay put and send just Kelly to Earth.

A plan is developed by NASA and Helios that calls for Kelly to board the Phoenix spacecraft, which is orbiting Mars. The spacecraft has the power to travel to Earth. Despite the risks of the move, Ed eventually controls the MSAM and places Kelly into orbit; she arrives in Phoenix without incident.

Kelly’s journey back to Earth isn’t shown, though, and her destiny isn’t revealed until the very end of the programme. Later, viewers watch Kelly gazing out of a window at the night sky with her infant. Kelly returned to Earth safely, according to the scene. Additionally, she has a healthy baby, and they are both waiting for Ed and the others to return.

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Ending, Explained

Is Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Dead?

In the episode, Ed Baldwin embarks on another assignment filled with danger. He pilots the Kelly-carrying MSAM into orbit. However, Kelly can only be propelled by the MSAM nearly into orbit. After the objective is accomplished, the MSAM lacks the energy to carry out a landing so Ed may reach the surface safely. Although the mission seems suicide-related, Ed is willing to take the chance to save the lives of his daughter and grandchild.

Ed asks Molly Cobb for assistance with the challenging landing. Molly tells Ed to concentrate on the horizon and wait for the ideal opportunity to do a free fall so that he crashes safely on the surface. Ed attempts the free fall, but the MSAm catches fire, making it challenging for him to live. Ed nevertheless escapes the carnage unharmed. Ed and the other astronauts establish a Mars colony in the episode’s climactic moments. Now they have to wait till Sojourner-2 returns to Earth in a few years.

For All Mankind Season 3 Finale Recap

What Happens to Johnson Space Center?

In the episode, Jimmy and his anti-NASA cronies show up at the Johnson Space Center. Jimmy quickly discerns that the organization is preparing something evil, though. Jimmy gets knocked out by the group before he can warn anyone. In the end, Karen locates Jimmy in a van. Karen discovers that the van is loaded with explosives as she frees Jimmy. Before Karen has the chance to alert security, the group detonates the explosives. The outcome is a vast explosion that shocks NASA’s mission control outside the Johnson Space Center.

Karen perishes in the explosion despite being near to the detonation. While Aleida looks for Marco, Molly aids in the rescue of the survivors at the Johnson Space Center. It has already been destroyed when Aleida gets to Margo’s workplace. Margo is assumed to be dead because her body has not been located. Later, it is revealed in a newspaper article that Molly perished trying to save the bomb blast survivors.

The scene advances to 2003 in the episode’s last seconds. Margo is probably in Russia in the meantime. Margo’s existence is made known. Sergei, who is adjusting to life in America, is in a situation entirely opposite to hers. Due to her connection with the Soviet Union and sharing of NASA’s engine blueprints with them, Margo was to be arrested.

Margo abandoned her plans to save Sergei’s life, but even if she had succeeded, it’s doubtful she would have evaded the FBI’s inquiry and subsequent arrest. Margo probably sought Catiche’s assistance in defecting to Russia as a result. As a result, her supposed demise in the USA was faked using the bomb explosion.

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