Betsy Faria Murder: What Happened To Russell “Russ” Faria? Where Is He Now?

Where is Russell “Russ” Faria Now

Russell “Russ” Faria never anticipated his world to turn upside down when he came through the door of the Troy, Missouri, house he shared with his wife on December 27, 2011, but it did.

He not only discovered his girlfriend, Betsy Faria, dead in a pool of dry blood on the living room carpet, as featured in NBC’s ‘The Thing About Pam,’ but he also had become the prime suspect in her savage murder.

So, now that he’s been formally cleared of all charges, let’s find out everything we can about him or his current whereabouts.

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How Did Betsy Faria Die

Who is Russell “Russ” Faria In Betsy Faria Murder Case?

Russ and Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria had been married for more than 10 years and had seen their fair share of ups and downs, including separations and infidelities.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, they decided to put their disagreements aside for the time being in order to make the most of the time they had together.

“Betsy had an award-winning smile and one of the largest hearts you’d ever met,” said Russ. “I know she cared about me, and I cared about her.” That’s why, when he discovered her cold remains in late 2011, he burst out laughing.

In disbelief, Russ told the 911 operator that his wife had committed herself — most likely as a result of the suicide attempts he knew she struggled with as a result of her cancer — which turned out to be a colossal error.

She couldn’t have died by suicide because she’d been stabbed 55 times, and there were obvious traces of a struggle. As a result, despite having an alibi and no traces of blood on him, he was detained.

Betsy’s friend Pamela “Pam” Hupp’s assertions that he was a violent man didn’t help his case, and he was found guilty of murder & attempted criminal action in 2013.

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Where is Russell Russ Faria Today

What Happened to Russell “Russ” Faria?

For the counts against him, Russell “Russ” Faira was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of release and an extra 30 years in prison, but he defended his actions throughout the process.

As a result, he appealed his conviction whenever he could, resulting in an overturned verdict and a retrial when new scientific proof and information became available.

Because every piece of evidence was permitted to be given to the jury this time, Russ was acquitted in 2015, and he was let free after spending nearly four years in prison without due process.

Russ launched a civil claim against the police and prosecutor, who were initially in charge of his wife’s case for neglecting key evidence, which was resolved for more than $2 million in 2020.

What Happened To Russell “Russ” Faria

What we can tell about where he is now is that the Missouri native is slowly but steadily going forward to the maximum ability, all the while keeping Betsy’s memory alive in his heart.

He now not only works at a motorcycle store and volunteers for the Midwest Innocence Project, but he has also rekindled his romance with Carol McAfee.

Russ seemed to have neither pity nor compassion for Pam, the woman now suspected of Betsy’s murder in exchange for the $150,000 payoff from her life insurance policy.

“She may have thought I was an easy prey,” he explained to People when asked why she kept pursuing him over the years.

“I was 99 percent certain Pam was the murderer… I’m in desperate need of closure. Pam must be found guilty of this offence.” “The only words I can use to describe her are evil incarnate,” he said in another interview with the magazine.