Beverly Puccio Murder Case: Where Is Michael Piantieri Today?

Beverly Puccio Murder

According to court filings, a Dubuque man savagely murdered a lady he met just hours before and then persuaded his girlfriend to pick him up from the scene and return later to gather bloodied belongings. As a result, Beverly Puccio was murdered at her house on December 3, 2017, and a Dubuque man was sentenced to 50 years in jail.

On December 3, 2017, operators in Dubuque, Iowa, got a frantic 911 call concerning an unusual death and dispatched a team of first responders to the scene almost away. Beverly Puccio was discovered in a pool of blood on her bed when investigators arrived.

Shattered: No Way Out,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the gruesome murder and the subsequent investigation that led to the conviction of the murderers. Let’s get into the specifics and figure out where Beverly’s killer is right now.

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Beverly Puccio Murder
Beverly Puccio

What Caused Beverly Puccio’s Death?

Beverly Puccio, a Dubuque, Iowa resident, was regarded as a fun-loving woman. Close friends of the 42-year-old stated that she was vivacious and always up for a good time.

Beverly was also known for her generosity, according to acquaintances, and she enjoyed assisting anyone in need. Her upbeat personality endeared her to the community, and she is still sorely mourned.

On December 3, 2017, 911 personnel got a call concerning a possible suspicious death and deployed first responders, who discovered Beverly dead inside her home. The victim was found naked in a pool of blood on her bed, with blood splatters all over her house’s walls.

Surprisingly, the house was fully demolished, with objects strewn across every room’s floor. There was no evidence of forced entrance, though. Beverly died from several injuries acquired during a violent confrontation, according to an autopsy.

Beverly Puccio Killer Michael Piantieri

Who Killed Beverly Puccio and Why?

The original inquiry went on slowly as investigators tried to compile a suspect list without any leads or eyewitnesses. Officers discovered that the man who dialled 911 was Beverly’s acquaintance, and the two had even dated in the past, after interviewing him.

Beverly was also in a local pub called The Walnut Tap the night before she was murdered, according to the caller.

Detectives obtained a warrant and obtained CCTV footage from the pub’s camera in order to track Beverly’s last steps. Beverly was ultimately spotted entering the pub on the evening before her death after detectives sifted through hours of film.

Beverly met a mysterious man at The Walnut Tap and seemed to get along well with him. They left the pub together and spent some time at a nearby bar before boarding a cab that took them to Beverly’s house.

Michael Piantieri, the man in the video, was recognised as a person of interest in Beverly’s death by authorities. Michael insisted on his innocence and claimed that he was not engaged in the murder when questioned. However, the cops saw that he had multiple new injuries, which indicated that he had been in a recent severe altercation.

Furthermore, according to the show, Michael’s girlfriend contacted the police and revealed that, despite picking him up from Beverly’s house on the night of her murder, he returned to grab a few blood-stained things, which he later burned in his backyard fire pit.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for Michael’s home after gathering enough circumstantial evidence against him. They discovered that he had a single blood-stained sneaker that matched one recovered at the crime site.

Furthermore, Michael’s DNA matched the foreign sample found from Beverly’s corpse perfectly. Michael was arrested and charged with Beverly’s murder after forensic evidence linked him to the crime.

Where Is Michael Piantieri Now

What Has Happened to Michael Piantieri and Where Is He Now?

Michael Piantieri chose to plead guilty to second-degree murder rather than face the death penalty after being arrested. As a result, Michael, who was 36 years old at the time, was sentenced to 50 years in jail in 2018, with a minimum sentence of 35 years.

He was also sentenced to an extra 70 days in prison for tampering with a witness. As a result, Michael remains imprisoned at the Anamosa State Penitentiary until 2052, when he will be eligible for release.

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