Lifetime’s ‘Girl in the Closet’ – Where are Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh Now?

Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh now

Where are Lauren Kavanaugh’s Parents Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh Now? – Lauren Kavanaugh, a native Texan, was adopted by a loving couple who gave her a second chance at life after her biological mother, Barbara Atkinson, subjected her to horrific acts of cruelty. Sabrina and Bill Kavanaugh adopted and raised the young child to aid in her recovery from the horrific trauma she had undergone for the previous six years. Lifetime’s movie ‘Girl in the Closet‘ is rumoured to dramatise Lauren’s terrible story through fiction and draw attention to the common problem of child abuse in seemingly ordinary houses. If you want to learn how Bill and Sabrina have impacted their daughter’s life and how they are now doing, read on.

Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh

Who Are Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh?

Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh, natives of Texas, were a kind couple who yearned for a child. Hence, when they met Barbara Calhoun in 1992, they felt their prayers had been answered. The pregnant 21-year-old, unable to care for her second child, opted to place her unborn child with the Kavanaughs for adoption. Bill and Sabrina’s anticipation for the birth of their daughter has been evident ever since they learned that Barbara was having a girl.

The moment Lauren Ann was born on April 12, 1993, her parents fell in love with their new daughter. Eight months after the birth of their daughter, the Kavanaughs poured their undivided attention and care on her while completing the adoption paperwork. But, they were taken aback when Barbara applied for custody of Lauren with the purpose of regaining her. Because the couple’s attorney omitted to terminate her parental rights legally, she may still claim the child.

Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson, her new husband, would soon take Lauren home with them after being given visitation rights. Bill and Sabrina were quite fearful of the two and believed that they had abused Lauren. When they observed a bloody rash on the infant’s body, they immediately suspected Kenneth of sexual abuse. Even though she brought photographic evidence of the rape with her to the hospital when she carried Lauren there, doctors there refused to evaluate the child with a rape kit.

Who Are Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh

In January 1995, the court granted Barbara and Kenneth custody of the 2-year-old despite obvious indications of cruelty. Sabrina and Bill sent Lauren out with Barbara on December 26, 1994; it was the last time they saw her. They were crushed by the news and unable to endure parting with her, but they clung to the hope that they would soon see her again. Lauren’s six-year struggle with the Atkinson family, which included serious sexual assault, hunger, and neglect, was not disclosed to the Kavanaughs.

She supposedly stopped developing physically around the age of two and a half, and it was later reported that Barbara and Kenneth delighted in torturing the child. Fortunately, Lauren was discovered and rescued on June 11, 2001, due to the efforts of the couple’s neighbours, Jeanie and Joe Rivers. The hospital professionals and social workers were astonished to see the degree of the young boy’s physical and mental damage.

After their arrest for child abuse, the police and CPS worked together to find Barbara and Kenneth a suitable home. They went out to the Kavanaughs, who were saddened by the news of their child’s death. Yet, they were enthusiastic about taking her in and providing for her needs while she was hospitalised. In July 2002, Bill and Sabrina were given sole custody of Lauren despite the fact that she only barely recalled them.

Where and Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh Today

Where Are Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh Today?

After bringing Lauren home, Bill, Sabrina, and Lauren had a long and tough journey ahead of them. Due to brain atrophy, the girl had difficulty trusting others and had other indicators of intellectual incapacity. After being traumatised, she had to relearn how to use a fork and a restroom, among other things. In addition, Lauren frequently experienced flashbacks and exhibited inexplicable anxieties stemming from her mistreatment during a six-year period. The adult girl was badly bullied in school and, as a result, failed to keep up with her studies.

Bill’s niece Lauren was 12 years old when her aunt’s spouse sexually abused her in August 2005. After this, she attempted suicide, engaged in self-harm, and was eventually diagnosed with depression. The following year, Bill and Sabrina’s hearts were broken as they watched their daughter endure inpatient therapy, hoping beyond hope that life would return to normal. Lauren, now 20 years old, graduated from high school in 2013, although the experience was challenging due to her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis the previous year.

The young woman assumed additional adult responsibilities, such as accompanying her mother to cancer sessions and assisting with housework. While Sabrina recovered completely from her illness, Lauren focused solely on her education. She has made every attempt to put the past behind her and move forward with a positive attitude in life, despite the difficulty of her journey. In addition, Bill and Sabrina’s unfailing encouragement and love have also been crucial to her healing. The Kavanaughs have been highly private in recent years. Nonetheless, Lauren and Brett apparently continue to reside in Canton, Texas.

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