Billions Season 5 Episode 10 Release Date, Promo, Press Release & Spoiler

Billions Season 5 Episode 10

Chuck, Taylor, and Mike Prince band up against Axe, the mastermind, who always plays his cards right in the latest episode of ‘Billions’ season 5.

For the time being, his closest competition is Mike Prince, whose inherent generosity turns him off.

Mike uses his charisma to enchant the masses, despite Axe’s best efforts to destroy his image in the media.

You may read the recap to find out what happens in episode 9. Now, let’s take a look at all of the specifics for season 5 episode 10 of “Billions“!

Billions Season 5 Episode 5x10

Release Date for Episode 10 of Season 5 of Billions

Season 5 episode 10 of ‘Billions’ will air on Showtime on September 19, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET.

The 5th season consists of 12 hour-long episodes that air weekly on Sundays.

Billions Season 5 Episode 10 Press Release


As Axe Cap returns to the office, Axe makes a surprise announcement; Wendy’s divorce becomes complicated when Chuck sticks his nose in the Mase Carb financials; Axe rings an unexpected ally to get intel on Chuck.

Billions Episode 5.10

Billions Season 5 Episode 10 Promo / Trailer

Where can I watch Season 5 Episode 10 of Billions online?

Tune in to Showtime at the above-mentioned time to see ‘Billions’ season 5 episode 10.

The show is also available on Showtime’s official website and on the Showtime app.

You may watch the show on DirecTV, Hulu, Fubo TV, Apple TV, and YouTube TV if you don’t have cable.

The episodes are also available on Amazon Prime Video & Spectrum on Demand.

The show’s first four seasons are also available on iTunes, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store.

Spoilers for Episode 10 of Season 5 of Billions

Axe will have news to offer in the tenth episode, titled “Liberty.” His return to government will be accompanied by a statement that could derail the rival party’s strategy.

Given his efficiency, he may already be aware of the hazards that lay around. Even if he isn’t, Axe is always ready to deal with the worst-case scenario.

As a result, in episode 10, he will seek assistance from an unlikely source in order to learn more about Chuck.

Meanwhile, Chuck will become involved in the financials of Mase Carb, which may have an impact on Wendy’s divorce. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest episode!

Recap of Billions Season 5 Episode 9

Chuck, Axe, Wendy, and Taylor are still tangled up in a never-ending string of power moves in the ninth episode, dubbed “Implosion.”

Mike Prince, Axe’s opponent, is on the rise in power and popularity, which worries him. Axe is even more bothered by his selflessness and sincere desire to transform the world.

As a result, he contacts Prince’s old business partner’s mother, who publicly reveals deep dark facts about Mike.

Mike, on the other hand, owns up to his faults and sells his investments in other companies to guarantee that they are unaffected by the negative press.

This sparks a business concept in Taylor’s head, but as soon as they tell Axe about it, he pulls a few strings to ensure that these businesses don’t get off the ground.

Meanwhile, Chuck is coming to terms with his powerlessness in front of Axe, at least until Mike arrives.

Mike appoints a special mediator to oversee Axe’s charter bank’s rules and judgments. Chuck Sr. is the man in question, and he only has a few days to live.

The plot, however, goes bad when it is revealed that Axe has extended his life by convincing one of his colleagues to donate a kidney to the dying elderly man.

Prince, with no other option, makes a second attempt to subdue the enemy. He tells his minions to wait for Axe to make a mistake that will enable them to frame him.

Taylor joins Prince and Chuck on their next adventure, the latter being far too eager to vanquish Bobby Axelrod.